Saturday, December 15, 2012

What I want from Quirks

Since the one thing I want this Christmas won't be mine till January, let me tell you what I'm thinking of getting from Quirks instead. And, boy oh boy, there's a lot to love from Quirks!

This novelty shop is owned (with her sisters) by a dear friend who's also a mommy to a cute little boy. Zerline is one of the fabulous women who inspired me to give up the corporate world and strike it out on my own. She had a really cushy job at a luxury brand with great benefits but she quit it to spend more time with her husband and baby. She tells me she's much happier now. I totally believe her! I wish for myself the same WAHMderful life! Actually, I already am enjoying my new life. It's not easier. It's actually busier but, my goodness, it's so much more satisfying!

In case you, my dear friends and family, are still shopping for gifts for me and my boys, here's a list of what we'd love to get:
Bloom Utensil Set, P1995
Because now that I'm spending more time at home, I can cook again. Even though I don't really like to cook! These fun utensils might just change my mind!

Hummingbird Tags, P395 for a pack of six
We're always entertaining, and sometime during the course of dinner, someone always says, "Which one's my glass?" This should address that problem!

Mighty Case for laptop, P1250
Because I'm a newspaper columnist now!

Par Avion Card case, P395
For my credit cards. I keep them separate.

Par Avion Travel Case Holder, P450
This will be very handy for when I'm flying! Great idea to keep all travel documents in a kit.

Construction Utensils, P590
To encourage my toddler to feed himself!

Crayon Blocks, P295
Well, crayons are actually contraband in our house (special permission needed before crayons are released!) but I think these are so clever and cool!

Ouchlets Outlet Covers, P350
Because Vito now likes plugging and unplugging the appliances.

Sun Jar, P1350
Because I broke Vince's Sun Jar and he's been heartbroken since.

There are more fabulous stuff on the Quirks online shop! Or you can visit their brick-and-mortar stores at Power Plant and Megamall. Support fellow WAHMs and buy your gifts from Zerline's quirky Quirks!

*photos grabbed from Quirks website

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