Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My secret shopping place is Watsons

Okay, been gone for a week. Had unbelievable deadlines. Still do. I shouldn't be blogging since I have two more deliverables that are due. This WAHM life, it ain't as easy as I thought it would be. It's not stressful—not at all!—but it is really difficult to work when you have cuties like this little guy around all the time. Very distracting!
This was last month, just before Christmas. Iñigo looks even bigger and cuter now!

Anyway, we were at Watsons because I periodically stock up on hand wash and wet wipes. I use all sorts of alcohol-free wipes, and Watsons wipes are inexpensive but strong and wet. Some wipes tear easily and some wipes are not wet, so annoying! Vince and I are also huge fans of hand wash. We always appreciate hand washes from his aunts from the States (they smell really yummy!), but Watsons has a good collection of inexpensive hand washes so we hoard those.  

The great thing about my Watsons hoard is when visitors come by the house, I have an instant goody bag. Ya, I'm like that. I like sending away people with stuff. Must be the effect of all the press events I've attended through the years!

Anyway, these photos were taken at Watsons Podium. Really just wanted to capture Iñigo being a cutie patootie (and me being absolutely so not photo-ready!) but as I was looking at it, the background caught my attention.

That's beauty queen-turned-TV host Venus Raj and her mommy. They're part of Watsons campaign and I remembered that Watsons sent me behind-the-scenes photos of the campaign! Here they are!

Grabe, hindi talaga Photoshopped! Look at the behind-the-scenes pics. They look exactly like the finished product! If that were me, oh, super dami pang dapat gawin—minimize tummy area, slim down arms, remove acne scars, etc. Christine Jacob-Sandejas and her husband Paco Sandejas, and Venus Raj and her mommy are perfect Watsons brand ambassadors because they look so healthy and alive. How does one become a brand ambassador? Parang type ko yan!

Anyway, Watsons is promoting three health programs: Compliance Packs, Buy Generics & Save Packs, and Watsons Health Packs.

Buy Generics & Save Packs - Mommies, this is good news for us! The best medicines from trusted pharma companies like Unilab, Ritemed, Sandoz, UHP, Pharex and others are up to 80% off!

Health Packs - But it's always best to prevent illnesses, diba? So Watsons came up with conveniently packed adult vitamins and over-the-counter medicines so our families stay strong and healthy.

Compliance Packs - This program naman is for our parents. These are prescription meds for elderly illnesses (like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol) priced up to 80% less than the leading brand! Plus, patients are reminded to strictly comply with their prescription.

This is such good news to us mommies!!! For more info, check out Watsons on Facebook.


  1. I love Watson's, too! Therapeutic ang tumambay lang for 30 minutes. I fyou don't plan to shop, don't go to Watson's. Haha! Grabe Christine Jacob, she's still so pretty after --- how many kids --- 5? :)


  2. are those binder clips on venus raj's top?? heehee we love watson's too! their staff are super helpful as well. :)

    1. Yep! Binder clips are a stylist's secret for perfectly fitted clothes!

      True ya, Watsons staff are so helpful. When I bought pa naman last time, hoard talaga. They were super assist sa amin ni Vince =)

  3. I cannot agree with you more on how challenging it is to be a WAHM. I get distracted by Jacob so often that I opt to work at nighttime til morning but that ain't good for my health! I feel like a zombie when I do that.

    I just hoarded Watson's Lavander and Chamomile hand wash this weekend. What I like about them pa is that I can use my SM Advantage points to pay for my items and just pay the left over amount. And I got coupons when I renewed my card! Yay extra savings!

    1. Yes. The hardest part of WAHMing is the kids!!! Ako rin, I work at night!

      Oo nga, I also use my SM Advantage Card!

  4. I super love going to Watson's to shop! It brings out the kikay in me. :-D


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