Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Only TipTap Soft Soles for Iñigo's cute feet!

After I posted the funny photos of my family trying desperately to have a nice Christmas picture, many mommies sent questions about Iñigo's cute shoes. Well, I'm glad you asked because Iñigo only uses the coolest and cutest baby shoes ever: Tip Tap Soft Soles!

"Yes, for my cute baby feet, I only use Tip Tap Soft Soles. They're soft and thin-soled so my developing feet can actually feel the floor. That way, my muscles form well. Because the soles are slip-proof, I can take my first steps with confidence. I also think they're yummy—I'm forever stuffing a shoe in my mouth! But I'm not scared because they're made of non-toxic materials so I can chomp on them all I want!"

"Now excuse me while I figure out how to tie my laces."

Sooo cute! Iñigo's reasons for loving his Tip Tap shoes are all good and sound but his silly mommy loves Tip Tap because of the cool designs! My baby's wearing loafers at our photo shoot and corduroy booties on our sofa. Loafers for when he feels preppy, cords when he feels hipster! He has a few more in his closet but they're still a size or two big. I'll show them to you later on when they finally fit!

Seriously, I do love Tip Tap not just because they're stylish but also because they were designed for baby feet. It's very important that the sole is flexible. Studies have shown that those rubber shoes, Crocs and the like may protect the feet by being thick but that very thickness prevents the muscles and bones of your chid's feet and legs from developing correctly. Had I known about Tip Tap in 2010, I'd have gotten them for Vito!

You can get Tip Tap Soft Soles from Mothering Earthlings (they're on a mega sale!), Zalora and from Tip Tap's Facebook page. Their FB page also has a list of department stores and toy shops that carry their crazy cute shoes. Shop away!


  1. Aww, man. I just checked out Mothering Earthlings and they're just for tots til 18 months of age! Sayang 'coz Jacob has completely outgrown all his closed shoes so now he's just wearing silly sandals. I guess we'll be visiting Payless na lang. LOL!

  2. Hi, where is your dress from? :)


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