Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vito's super cute pillow

My eldest boy is very much like his father. They are sooo alike, it's creepy cute! One of the things they have a penchant for is finding soft things for their hard heads. They love soft pillowy things!

That's Vince resting on our fat wabbit Galady, years and years ago.

And lookit who found a new pillow!
Iñigo happily investigating his ELC play mat.
When suddenly Vito sits on him! We say, "Vito, no! He's just a baby!" We say this all the time these days!
So Vito slides down with an audible "Aaaah!" Look at that satisfied grin!
Iñigo tries to wiggle free and resume his play, to Vito's annoyance!
Iñigo wriggles away, with matching angry squeal!
Vito sighs and rolls down to Iñigo's thighs, which are hefty anyway so Vito is happy again!

Silly Vito. Any chance he gets, he makes Iñigo his pillow. Good thing the baby is sturdy. He actually seems to like all the cariño brutal he gets from his older brother! Cute little boys!


  1. So so so cute your two boys, Frances. Wishing your family a bountiful new year. :)

  2. Haha, cute pictures! I think little boys really enjoy the rough play.

  3. In the first photo of Vito and Inigo together, super kamukha ka ni Vito! Smile mo yun o! :D

  4. Haha! So heart-warming! Inigo would make a super soft pillow! Heehee!

  5. Cute :)
    My twin kids, their bonding time is either wrestling while watching videos for toddlers or plain wrestling.


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