Saturday, February 16, 2013

There's no such thing as a Gruffalo!

Well, actually, yes, there is, and the Gruffalo is here in Manila! Raaaawr!

Vince, Vito, Iñigo and I went to our first ever play as a family last night when we watched The Gruffalo at Rockwell Tent. We had such a great time! Little Vito, all of 2 and a half years old—was so affected, he kept rushing to the stage whenever Mouse was in danger! The other kids had to be restrained, too! It was that good!

The Gruffalo is all about Mouse who went to the deep dark wood in search of nuts. She meets Fox, Owl and Snake—and all of them love a tasty rodent for a snack!—but she scares them away with a made-up monster called the Gruffalo. But is there such a thing as a Gruffalo?

Find out with your family and see the play yourself! The play is a West End musical adaptation of the children's book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. I like it because it's about imagination, quick thinking and courage in the face of danger. I want my boys to value those!

The Gruffalo definitely made an impression on Vito. When we asked him if he liked the play, he gave us an enthusiastic nod and a "Yeah, yeah!" That's so great! Can't wait to take him to see the musicals in West End! Vince and I did that on our honeymoon and loved it immensely. It's nice to see that our kids appreciate it, too.

You must watch The Gruffalo! Bring your kids! We did and we had so much fun. It's on a limited run here (only this weekend!). The tickets range from P900 to P2,200 but Rockwell Tent is so small that even if you get the cheapest tickets, it's fine. We got the second row and Vito still charged the stage anyway. So did the other kids. After a while, since your kids are out front already to see Mouse and her adventures up close, it kinda doesn't matter where you sit!

Buy your tickets from Ticketworld now! There's a great promo right now: Buy 3 tickets and get an extra one for free. So if you're a family of 4 like us, go watch it now. If you can't watch the play, do buy the book! Happy weekend, mommies!

P.S. Thanks, Daphne and Alicia, for this treat!

P.P.S. I know the kids look upset in the pictures haha but that's because this was when the show had ended and they were looking forward to ice cream but their blogger of a mommy just had to insist on taking pictures!

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