Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Topaz Mommy Facebook ad

Tee hee. I'm promoting my blog over at Facebook. Yup, it's part of making Topaz Mommy a brand! I have always done my promoting only on social media, but as my husband pointed out, I'm promoting only to my network. Any new vistors I get come by because they Googled something and my blog somehow came up in the results. So I need to promote to those who don't know about me.

I customized the ad to be seen by moms, especially those with babies and toddlers, who live in the Philippines. I also targeted it towards people who aren't in my networks (they're not my Facebook friends and they don't like my Facebook page yet). So far, this is the result after one week:
There's no social reach because I wasn't promoting my FB page.

Hmm. Maybe I should raise my budget! Haha. But at least I got a lot of new visitors! I think I'll continue with my campaign. It's a worthwhile investment since I have big big plans!


  1. I'm so excited for you big big plans! :D

    1. I'm excited, too! =) Thanks for sharing the thrill even though you don't even know what the plans are yet!

  2. hi! i emailed you, inquiring about your advertising rates. hope to hear from you soon :)

  3. Aya! Good luck with your new endeavor Miss Frances. Seems like you're busier than ever being a work-at-home mummy. :)


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