Sunday, February 10, 2013

Topaz Mommy met my lucky contest winners!

This was such a lovely evening! I met the winners of my recent giveaways, one here on the blog and one over at my Facebook page. That's Rocel at left and Bella on the right. Rocel won the Crosswinds Resort Suites giveaway while Bella won the Sheridan Palawan Resort giveaway on my Facebook page (and that is why you should like my Facebook page!).

I was supposed to send them their gift vouchers but when I asked them for their addresses, I found that we were all neighbors! So serendipitous! So I asked them both to just come on over to the house for a little dinner party. They both said yes hooray!
Oops! Sorry for how I look! I had a stressful day. Iñigo's yaya decided to up and leave that day. So I was running around like a headless chicken, getting her documents ready, checking her things, etc etc. And of course I had to do all that while caring for Iñigo since she was focused on packing and leaving.

Okay, that's a story for another day. But I felt a bit embarrassed that I had really special guests coming over—my dear blog readers!—and I looked like a mess! I didn't even have time to brush my hair! I was also planning on cooking my famous spicy tuna pasta for Rocel and Bella but, well, it didn't happen. So I just ordered pizza. Hardly impressive. Buti na lang Rocel brought ensaymada and the best chocolate crinkles ever while Bella brought this adorable cake.

The 3M is Bella's three boys. They came over and played with Vito. Rocel has a little girl but she stayed home. Here's all of us moms and boys.

Thanks for coming over to claim your prizes, Rocel and Bella! Thanks for the dessert and, best of all, for the great conversation. I had such a nice time! It didn't feel like meeting each other for the first time. I felt like we'd known each other for so long, that's how comfortable we all were. I should do this more often!


  1. Thanks Frances for welcoming us into your beautiful home, it was awesome to meet you and your whole family, my kids keep asking me about Vito and all his cars! :D And In these photos I don't look so haggard... so thanks! It was also very nice to meet Rocel and if ever you want to go for that Kapitolyo food trip, just message us!! Diet-diet galore (although my efforts are futile haha) to give justice to the beautiful Sheridan Palawan Resort getaway you gave me. Talk about pressure!! :*

  2. hi frances and bella! i had a lot of fun chatting with you! both your mommy skills are amazing! dami ko natutunan sa inyo ha! and it was great to meet your boys, too (including vince, of course)! thanks again, frances for the fab tagaytay getaway, my husband and i can't wait to go there! buti na lang bella di ko kailangan magdiet haha! and yes, let's do a kapitolyo food trip! :)

  3. Food trip!!! =D Isa-isahin natin ang Kapitolyo restos! =)


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