Monday, February 11, 2013

What happened at the SM Babies launch

Good news, mommies! SM decided to glamorize their baby offerings with adorable but still affordable baby things. They gave this new line a simple and quite prosaic name: SM Babies. To launch this, SM Babies got some cool mommies and their babies for a photo shoot. To see the gallery, go to the Facebook page of SM Babies!

Anyway, I was invited to the chic launch at the Manila Peninsula. The theme was high tea so guests were encouraged to come in pretty dresses and to wear the fascinators that were enclosed in the invitations. I love wearing fascinators! I wish it were de rigueur here. I'd wear fascinators and hats all the time!
Here I am with ARC PR's Krissy and Kira.
Cute, stylish, comfy, formal, casual. SM Babies—they've got it all for your baby!
I love the preppy sweater and jeans combo!
I had to take a photo of these mannequins. They look so much like Iñigo!
Businesswomen moms! That's (from left) Rone of Mothering Earthlings, Cai of Paper Chic Studio,
Jen of Next9 Baby and Karrots of Live, Love, LOLz. 
Celebrity mom Andi Eigenmann with her daughter, Adriana. She's upset at all the bright lights
and strangers that swarmed around them. Poor baby. interviews Andi.
Moms on the panel. Host Issa Litton interviews Lexi Schulze (my former boss!), Amanda Griffin and Andi Eigenmann.
Christian Bautista serenades the mommies.
With the Smart Parenting magazine staff.

I mingled a lot. I've been around apparently. I knew people from magazines, websites, blogging, newspapers, PR. I mingled so much, someone thought I was the brand manager of SM Babies! Well, I'm not haha but it did dawn on me that if I ever should make Topaz Mommy into a brand, I already know a lot of people who can help me! Very encouraging!

Anyway, SM Babies is such a cute new line. I'm definitely checking out the collection when we go to SM Megamall next week. If you see me and my kids, say halloooo!


  1. You're so pretty with that fascinator, Mommy Frances! :)

    Denise, Bebengisms

  2. Hi Frances! So nice to have finally met you :) Thank you for writing about SM Babies :)


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