Friday, March 15, 2013

Pia Guanio-Mago on Smart Parenting

Hello, mommies! I'm a regular contributor to Smart Parenting but I'm especially happy with this month's issue. I interviewed new mommy Pia Guanio-Mago! It was truly the most fun interview I've had with a star.

I like her honesty. She's no holds barred when it came to answering my questions. For example:

I’m going to confirm. You married Steve Mago December 2011. Yeah. Yes. December? No, October.
October! Kasi someone said December, someone said October. Did you get married twice? Actually, we did get married twice so I’m just as confused as you are. We got married, the first time around... December ba? I think... Wait nga (dials phone, laughing). We had a renewal of vows. It was the craziest thing, a year later, because the first one was a very simple ceremony, it was just with our family. 
(On the phone with Steve) Babe, the first time we got married was December? December! Was it December? Don’t kill me. October 10, diba? Ah, October 1. And then the next one was October 20. Because we have October 1, we have October 10, which is our anniversary, tama? O see? So 1 talaga ang o-obey natin? O sige (laughs). Because Frances said wasn’t it in December and parang my whole world became... 
...December. Then I read October... (To Steve) October 10. Ah, October 1. 10 is our anniversary as a couple. Ang dami kasing October dates. October 1 (laughs)! 
Funny girl! That was just the start of the hour-long interview. You can imagine how silly we got as we progressed. It wasn't all silly, however. Pia was serious, too. She talked about the shock of motherhood, how it wasn't what she expected, how a crying baby reduced her to tears too, how breastfeeding is so frakkin' painful but that she's still pushing through with it because it's the one thing she can share exclusively with Scarlet. 

She also talks about prioritizing marriage and family over career and getting back her sexy body. What I really found refreshing is how Pia said she never planned on having kids but when she had her baby, she just dove into motherhood and loved it. Sounds like me!

Here's a little peek at the cover shoot. If you want to see better photos and read my fun story on Pia, grab the March issue of Smart Parenting now!


  1. ang cute ni Mrs.Pia ! ♥ super coool couple nila ni Steeve! Thanks Ms.Frances for fearuring Pia and Scarlet sa Smart parenting! soo Happy! :)

    1. Alam mo, yan ang hindi ko na-confirm. Yung spelling ng name ni Steve! Oops!

  2. PIA's so funny!! haha Ang kulet!! Cool mom indeed! :) Nice one Ms. Frances! :)

  3. Cute Interview! Pia is super natural! love her! :)


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