Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vaccinations let my kids do more!

This post is brought to you by GSK.

Someone once told me that he and his siblings attended chicken pox parties when they were kids. That was how their moms dealt with the virus—let the kids get it while they were still young so that there won't be horrible scarring in their teens. These days, you won't have to throw a chicken pox party. You can just get your kids vaccinated!

Mommies, let's educate ourselves about our kids' health. When Mommy Mundo, supported by GlaxoSmithKline, invited me and a few moms for an afternoon seminar on kids' health called P.L.A.Y. (Protection, Love and Activities for Young Kids), we hied off to Fun Ranch with our hubbies and babies pronto.
Here are the mommies having fun learning about diseases and how to prevent them. Yep, there were guessing games and puzzles and adventure hunts for moms and kiddies.

Since my babies were too young to participate, I stayed at the back with Vince. Here they are clambering all over me! I tried my darndest to listen to the lecture by Dr. Carmina Delos Reyes, a pediatrician whose expertise lies in pediatric infectious and tropical diseases. I got that little bit of info from The Filipino Doctor.

Dr. Delos Reyes talked about common childhood infections that we tend to ignore because, well, kids get sick. It happens. They die. They die??? Yes. Every year, Dr. Delos Reyes said, a million children die from pneumococcal diseases (PDs). PDs include meningitis, sepsis, bacteremia, pneumonia and acute otitis media (middle ear infection).

Our elders usually tell us when our kids get sick that as long as the child is still "makulit," there's nothing to worry about. Fever? Headache? Muscle pain? Colds? Cough? Every kid gets that! But we're the more informed generation now, right? And we don't sit back and let diseases ravage our kids! We fight!

As parents, we should arm ourselves with proper knowledge about our children's health. I'm happy I have my What to Expect books. I am a fan of kids' health websites like WebMD, Ask Dr. Sears, Kids Health, and Healthy Children. I love that our boys' pediatrician, Dr. Cricket Chen of St. Luke's Global, really takes the time to talk to us about each developmental milestone, each sickness (which happens really rarely in our boys!) and each vaccine with Vince and me.

It's very important to know what we can do to protect our children from so-called common diseases like PDs. Read up! There are many books and credible sources online. Mommy Mundo has been actively campaigning for preventive healthcare for our kids for many years (for more info, click here!). Plus, make sure you talk to your kid's pedia about vaccines.

My babies are vaccinated and breastfed! 
But you know what the best way to keep your babies' immune system super strong and their little bodies protected against germs and bacteria and other nasty things? Not only is this amazing prevention step readily available, organic and natural, it's also FREE! What is this miraculous product, you ask? Breast milk.

Breastfeed your child as soon as he is born and keep him on your fabulous milk for as long as possible and you'll have a strong and healthy kid. Breastfeeding does these amazing things:
  • Boosts immune system with infection-fighting white blood cells
  • Prevents food allergies
  • Protects against respiratory infections, diarrhea, dehydration, ear infections, meningitis, UTIs and many more!
  • Reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome
With properly scheduled immunizations, great food, sunlight, fresh air, active play, breast milk and lotsa loving, your baby's good health is guaranteed!


  1. I cannot agree and stand with you more with how powerful breastmilk is! Jacob had a recent bout with a viral infection from god knows where. He had fever for 2 days, we had to bring him to the ER because it reached 39'C at home, it topped at 40.2'C at the ER. So since it's a viral infection, they couldn't give us anything but paracetamol which he hated. We had to give it to him for a while in the suppository kind of paracetamol but he refused that after a day.

    All we could do was pray and used my breastmilk power. I nursed him on demand more often than we usually do nowadays. He got better in no time. But after a few days, he developed dry cough naman. Doctor prescribed antibiotics but again he won't take them. Sayang sa pera! What did we do? Just breastfeed. And now he's all better! :D

    That was the first time he got seriously sick. He's never been confined (thank You Lord!). He's 22 months now and still breastfeeding like an infant! Although we do supplement every now and then, it seems like we're not weaning any time soon! Ang galing talaga ng breastmilk. His immune system is so strong!

    1. Breast milk for the win! =D

    2. I'm glad Mr. Jacob is feeling better =) My Vito was also really sick last month. I sneaked in breast milk into his fresh cow's milk na lang.

  2. When I was pregnant with my second one, I had a terrible cold. I was afraid to take medicines and resorted to natural remedies, tea, honey, etc. I was scared that me having a cold will affect the baby. He was born fine and I breastfed right away. Incidentally, he was born during the height of flu season (December) everybody in the household caught a bug or two, even me! Flu season came and went, baby did not get sick. So yes, I believe in the power of breastfeeding :)


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