Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Balik Alindog Project: Clear up the tired mommy face

Balik Alindog. I got that term from Mommy Fleur. She keeps talking about it on Facebook so I finally decided that I'll do the same. I'm going to get off my lazy ass and make myself drop-dead gorgeous! First on the list: Do something about my pimply face!

I have always had acne. It's a hormonal thing. But my late 20s till I got preggy at 33 was a great time since I was on the contraceptive pill. With my hormones under control, my skin was great. Then I got pregnant and, boy oh boy, my face just exploded. Even when I went back on the pill, I couldn't use the skin-clearing kind because I'm breastfeeding.

The great thing is I found Clarisonic. My Clarisonic Mia has improved my skin drastically. I'm not pimply anymore! But now I have a new problem—now that my face isn't red and raw, I can see the damage: scars, sun spots, dark spots, pregnancy warts, and the unevenness brought about by just being sleepless and tired and old. Yes, motherhood.

Now, I'm tired of looking tired. I'm tired of covering up my scars with concealer. And I want my husband to still think I'm beautiful! I especially want my sons to have a beautiful mommy. I've been offered free treatments from various big-name centers but they want to laser off my face or use sound waves on it or Botox it. Vince glowered at me, "Promise me you will never do anything unnatural to your face. Promise me!!!" So I did.

As I was resigning myself to looking tired and scarred for the rest of my life, my friend Marcie Linao dropped by the house a few weeks ago, looked at my face and said, "Mare, gusto mo pumunta sa derma ko?" See? It's gotten that bad that someone actually wanted me to go to a derma! After interrogating Marcie about her derma ("No lasers? No Botox? No scary machines?") and being assured that it's just simple facials and at-home medications, I went to Marcie's derma, Dr. Yanee Vasquez of Aesthetic Science. I went just before Holy Week. I wanted to be able to hide during the first stage of treatment. Thankfully, treatment involved just a thorough cleansing and digging out of blemishes, and a couple of simple peels to bring out my fresh skin. Dr. Yanee said there's a lot to do (sigh!) since we have to undo sun damage. She said, "The only real and effective anti-aging cream is sunblock. Lots of it. Apply in the morning and reapply in the afternoon. Even when you're just inside the house!"

As of today, two weeks after my first treatment, my face is almost done peeling. It feels so smooth—no bumps! And my scars and freckles are disappearing. I'm so happy! And I did nothing scary or expensive or major. What a relief!

I'm really looking forward to Dr. Yanee's promise that I'll be more beautiful. No pimples, less scars, no spots, fresh-looking, with tight, even and glowing skin! She said it will take us a while, around 3 months for initial visible improvement, and then it'll get better throughout the year! I can already see improvement at just 2 weeks. So I'm very excited, not just for me but for my husband and kids, too. My boys are going to be extra proud!

Aesthetic Science is at Jupiter Street, Makati City. Call for an appointment.

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