Thursday, April 4, 2013

Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo and kids on Smart Parenting

And I wrote the cover story!

This was a great interview because Judy Ann remembered me! She was actually happy to see me again. I first interviewed Judy Ann three years ago (see here). Back then, I had a hard time interviewing her. She was pleasant and all but I felt like she was giving me canned answers. But now, with this interview, she was candid and happy and confident. She admitted it later, too. She said she used to be so insecure—yes, even though she's a superstar!—and she would be so guarded about her image. But when she became a mother, she truly found who she is and she doesn't care anymore about what people think of her.

She told me, "Nakuha ko na ngayon yung confidence that I’ve been looking for the past how many years of my life. Ngayon lang ako confident sa kung sino ako, kung ano ako. I’m 35, turning 35 this year. How else can I reinvent myself? Sa papaano pang paraan ko pa maipapakita sa mga tao na I am more than this? But the again I realize that there’s nothing to prove anymore. I don’t have to prove anything. The only thing I have to prove now is I have to prove to my children that I am a good mom and a good wife to my husband. Wala na akong ibang tao pang kailangan isipin."

That's what motherhood did to me, too! It gave me a new power, a new confidence. Judy Ann and I talked about that, too. How motherhood made us "unpleasant" in the sense that we're no-nonsense, no-bullshit now. Don't waste a mother's time!

Judy Ann and Ryan got so gigil with Iñigo. But they're not so hot on having another kid just yet. They're happy with the dynamics of their family now. I guess it must be so annoying to be asked about having more kids all the time but I had to ask.
More children? (Laughs out loud) We’re thinking, we’re thinking about it, maybe one more pero it’s easier said... Well, yung done thing, easy lang naman din yun (laughs). Yung pagpapalaki, yun ang the hard part. Now kasi parang perfect balance na tig-isa kami ng bata lalo na kapag nasa trips kami abroad. Siguro by the time na magkaroon kami ng pangatlo, si Yohan would be talagang overly independent already.    
Well, I was going to bring this up. When we were both pregnant...  (Laughs) Yes!
Sabi mo sa akin na ipagsusunod-sunod mo... Oo, naisip ko rin yan.  
Para isang payatan na lang. Oo nga. 
O, ako ang nag-ganun. Here he is, the second one! Ako ang nagpabuntis agad. Oh, ikaw pala yung nakinig sa sinabi ko! 
You wanted sunod-sunod para isang payatan lang and I thought that’s a great idea. Obviously, hindi ko siya nagawa (laughs)!

More photos from the shoot here.
I interviewed Ryan, too. That guy is so smart. It was really refreshing talking with him because he's also not bullshitting you. He reminded me of Vince actually!

For more about the Agoncillos, grab the April issue of Smart Parenting now!


  1. Aside from my own small family, they're my favorite! When Juday became a mom, I became a fan. ;)

  2. Hi Miss Frances, do you still need an editorial assistant?


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