Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our family day at Power Plant

Power Plant is our mall. Well, we don't own it haha but we've been patrons for maybe a decade or so now. Anyway, if you ever want to meet me or see the kids, just hang out at Power Plant and we're sure to bump into each other.

In fact, I've met many blog readers at Power Plant—while lined up at Rustan's grocery, at Fully Booked, while eating at Cibo Bimbi, and especially at Baby Co. Women just come up to me, say hi, say, "Oh, hi Vito! Is this Iñigo?" and then they chat with me about marriage and my kids and I'm smiling and nodding but my thought bubble is, "OMG, do I know this person?!?" Haha. Yes, pleeeeease magpakilala kayo, mga mothers! I'm super friendly (unless the kids are having a tantrum or I'm paying bills, then hindi ako namamansin haha!) so do please say how we know each other.

Anyway, so today, after a week of confinement at home (Vince was sick), we ventured out and had the most incredible fun. Either we have really simple joys or we've been cooped up too long because we had such an amazing day!

First, we ate lunch at Cibo Bimbi. We always eat here. Always!
Iñigo was bored by this time.
Vito didn't want his picture taken!

Then we went to Build City to buy the boys LEGO. Iñigo may still have the smallest hands but he plays with the LEGOs just the same. He always imitates his older brother!

Then we trooped off to Powerville. It was Iñigo's first time on rides! We've been here before, with just Vito but I remember him getting dizzy on the ride so we never went back. But today, we asked Vito if he wanted to try the rids and he said, "Yeah!" We got a VIP pass (it makes the most sense, mas matipid super) and the kids rode almost everything! It was crazy!
Vito chose a pink Cadillac for his first ride.
Vito got dizzy on the carousel. Poor baby!
For his next car ride, Vito asked for Iñigo to join him.
They kept pushing buttons and steering the wheels.
Iñigo did everything Vito did. Soo cute!
These didn't impress the boys so much haha.
Chewbacca didn't move, which was ok. I didn't want to ride it!

Vito and his baby brother had so much fun! And what happens to little boys who had so much fun?
At Gong Cha, Vito had his fresh milk while Iñigo slumbered. 

What a great day. I live for days like this! I hope your weekend is just as lovely!


  1. Frances, your babies are super adorable! *shrieks quietly*

  2. So biteable! Cuties! Glad you enjoyed your day with the family. :)

    1. I nibble on their feet all the time! =D

  3. awww i live for such days too! :)

  4. so cute! hope to meet you and your little boys soon!


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