Monday, April 22, 2013

Topaz Mommy is shopping at Taste Central!

This post is brought to you by Taste Central.

I have a new favorite online shopping place. It's Taste Central. I signed up in February and then I got a box of goodies from them, which thrilled me to bits. I love how Taste Central offers the good stuff. Not ordinary stuff. The really good stuff!

So I already have on my wish list some goodies for the home and kitchen which I blogged about over at Topaz Horizon. Taste Central enjoyed my post so much, they asked me to check out the selection for moms and kids. That made a lot of sense since I am, after all, a mommy. Oh my, oh my. I think I'd rather buy for my boys! The stuff they have for kids are so cool and cute! Here's what's on my new wish list:

Babiators Junior - Soooo cute! I really want to get baby aviators for my kids, especially Vito because Vito loves sunnies.
Vito had yellow-rimmed Ray-Ban Wayfarers, which he loved to wear all the time, but Iñigo grabbed at them one day and one of the temples broke off. So it's time to replace them with unbreakable sunnies designed especially for kids!

Weplay Basic Motor Skills Set - Always a good idea if you have active kids in the house and they're still developing their basic motor skills! Basic motor skills include climbing, jumping, balancing, coordination, walking up and down stairs. Plus, it stimulates their imagination since they can build buildings, towers, bridges!

Weplay Putt Putt Balance Board - This is for kids aged 3 and up. Vito's still 2-and-a-half while Iñigo is just about to turn one year (gasp!). So it's not really needed yet. But I still think it's cool to have!

Carter's Street Fleet Crib Bedding Set - My boys love anything with wheels. We have so many trucks and cars in the house! This sheet set will be enjoyed so much, I'm sure.

NoJo Jungle Babies Crib Bedding Set - I like this one because it's really quite a delightful design. We do love comforters. We place them on the rug so the kids can lie down, play and nap in the living room so we can never have enough!

Modern-Twist Get Creative: Kidz Box Mat - I like how my babies can color the mat, then erase what they did! It's renewable fun!

Chicco Apple Banana Toothpaste and Brush Set - Because Vito and Iñigo love to brush their teeth. They love toothbrushes (Vito especially enjoys the checkout line at the grocery because of the toothbrushes on display!) and they love toothpaste and they love toothpaste commercials. They're crazy!

That's my wish list! I'll shop this week. I want to test their promise that delivery is guaranteed in 3 days. That's pretty quick! Plus, the shipping fee is a standard P100, whether you buy a tiny swim diaper or a huge toy set! So it kinda makes more sense to buy a lot to maximize on that shipping rate!

Okay, if you want to check out Taste Central, click here. Click my link, ha! It has a referral link embedded there somewhere so click it because I want to earn credits hehe. Shop shop shop, mommies!

*photos grabbed from Taste Central


  1. hi Frances,

    speaking of baby stuff, before this new look, you have a tab for shops. Thats where i found this online store that makes crib beddings for low low price. i cant remember the nme, hope you can send me the link :) thanks!

    1. Uh oh. I don't remember. I bought my crib beddings from SM! I don't think that's the store you found, no? Sorry! =)

    2. Hi. Sorry to but in but I think she was referring to your Babinski Baby post when they sent over goodies to Vito. Sorry avid reader. I checked them out too because of that post :)

  2. Hi Mommy Frances!

    I'm living down south. I tried to purchase their ongoing discount for a discounted price of a Roxy watch now. Parang di sila nag shi-ship outside Metro Manila ano? sayang! I want that badly pa naman. Taste Central is indeed worth every penny! If only they could expand their services other than Manila.

    1. Ay, ganon ba? Hindi ko alam yun. Taga-Maynila kasi ako!

  3. I want the babiotors for my son, Cyler! Too bad, ayaw pa nyang mag-wear ng sunnies! Oh and I must say I love taste central kasi they offer lots of good stuff, yung mga proven and tested products na!

    Glad to know that your kids love to brush their teeth, mine kasi is pahirapan! as in! May I know how do you do it?! Any Mommy tips or tricks?! :)

    1. I LOVE THE BABIATORS! I'll blog about them this week. Super cute!!!

      Okay, how do I make the kids brush their teeth? Well, I started them young. Wala pang teeth! I gave them toothbrushes to chew on while they have their bath. Then after a while, I placed super tiny amounts of toothpaste. Chicco has the yummiest toothpaste! Ang mahal lang grabe (that's why tiny amounts lang linagay ko haha).


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!