Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm a woman of many talents but...

Haircutting is not one of them.

My poor Vito! He doesn't mind, though. I guess he must really love me!

Well, we're going out of town for the weekend. I have a sponsored post scheduled to publish tomorrow so you won't even know I'm gone. I'll blog again when we come home. More stories, more photos, more love. Motherhood is so much fun!

P.S. Last hirit before I leave! Please go to the Mom & Me event at Rockwell Tent this Saturday and Sunday. I'll be there on Sunday!


  1. I can't help but let out a short laugh when I saw this. I remember my two boys having their first haircut. It was quite a zoo but in the end they have gotten used to it.

  2. Hihi I'm glad my kid is a girl, it's easier to cut her hair. Trim lang sa bangs and ends of her hair okay na.

  3. It was late when I read this ... cant help but to laugh.. super wawa naman si vito ms. france :)

  4. Hehe, I fixed it na. I cut it again =) Yes, myself ulit! Try and try until you succeed!


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