Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Iñigo's first birthday party: After

Iñigo celebrated his very first birthday party with a very small party at our home. It was fun! I like small parties. I get to talk to everyone and the birthday boy enjoyed himself so much, he let all the adults carry him. That would never happen in a big party!

The boys were so excited, they couldn't wind down. So, at the request of their guest Kuya Alfonso, we played Cars 2.
Alfonso and Vito watched from the crib. They really really liked it there. Meanwhile, our birthday boy planted his sturdy little feet right in front of the TV.

Then we started opening his gifts. Here he is looking at a CD of Bible songs (thanks, Tita Claire and Kuya Alfonso!). After we opened the gifts, Alfonso went home and we were all faced with the task of cleaning up!

It wasn't so bad at all! Vince had prepared a big trash bag by the kitchen and we all just dumped everything there. But not before Vito had his little fun with the table covering...

Vito draws a face on a circle I drew while eating an empanada. Iñigo was seated in his high chair right across his big brother. He ate cake while watching Vito draw faces.

The boys had tons of fun. And tons of cake and ice cream, too! What a lovely birthday party! Happy first year, darling Iñigo! We love you very much!


  1. HI Mommy Frances!

    You are grace under pressure! I so admire you.. Btw, what handy/digital camera are you using? I'm scouting for one. SInce you are a blogger and in media, I bet you have the best and reliable camera too! Hope you could share what's your using. Thanks

    1. Aww shucks. Thanks!

      My camera is a Panasonic GF3. It's not the best but I got it because it's the best in its size range. I wanted a small compact camera. But we changed the lens—the lens is Panasonic 20mm F1.7. The lens really makes a huge difference! Some of the photos are from Vince's Olympus EP3, which is a very very very good camera!

      Vince says wala sa camera yan. Nasa photographer =)

  2. Did the cups hold the ice cream? Di naman nabasa? Happy Birthday Inigo!!

    1. Yes! The ice cream is supposed to be eaten naman agad so it was okay =) Plus, since the cups were small, small rations also hehe

  3. Hi Frances! Twas nice to finally meet you last Monday :) Finally, after the Pioneer Centre incident. Haha. Happy Birthday to Iñigo. I so love his big bright eyes :)


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