Monday, May 20, 2013

Iñigo's first birthday party: The party!

Happy first birthday, darling Iñigo!
We are so very much in love with you and your beautiful round eyes and big smile and naughtiness. I hope you liked your first birthday party. It was kinda a riot! Here's what happened...

Unlike Vito, you don't have friends in the playground. Until recently, that is, when you started playing with Tita Cathee's Ivan, who is just 2 months younger than you. So we figured Ivan will be your best friend. Then since Kuya Vito has his posse, they had to be there, too, so Kuya Alfonso and Ate Sophia were there, plus Ivan's biggest sister, Masha. Four guests for you, Iñigo! I seriously thought it would be a quiet, simple party but nooooo. How wrong I was! In a good way!

This is us, just as the party started. It hasn't actually started and already you pulled off the Tigger's head!  What about our pictures, sweetheart??

Since you were 7 months old, you've already started eating whatever's served at the table. No baby food for you! Nothing mashed or pureed. Which was really strange since you didn't have teeth! So it's no surprise that on your birthday, you ate and ate and ate spaghetti and cake. And ate and ate and ate!

Kuya Vito was very busy playing and fighting with his friends. But he regularly checked on you and asked to eat from your plate. Growing boys!

This is Papa helping you open Ivan's gift. You loved the colors and shapes!

That's Kuya Alfonso trying to kiss you and you pushing him away. Oh, baby boy, has it begun? The pushing away of affection??

A family photo with your birthday cake! Hooray!

You couldn't quite understand what it was. The cake and the candle and the fire and why everyone was so fascinated by it. It's for you, Chubs! All for you!

Mama wished for you! Long, healthy, happy life!

Then, as with our kiddie parties tradition, everyone got to blow out the candle. So we all sang the birthday song and Vito blew it out...

Then Alfonso...

Then Masha and Ivan...

Then Sophia! The cake was covered by saliva at this point. Yum!

And here we all are, Iñigo: Tita Earl, Tito Judah, Sophia, Papa, Mama, Vito, Alfonso, Masha, Tita Cathee with Ivan, and Tita Claire. We all love you and wish you a happy birthday! We're so happy you're in our lives!

Next: What happened after the party!


  1. i love your kids! they're both awesome. love the first photo. iñigo's tigger costume fits him well. he's so cute. happy birthday little boy. wishing you all the best of your very first.

    1. Thanks! it's actually Vito's costume when he was also 1 year old =)

  2. sometimes having an intimate birthday celebration is the most memorable pa... kasi di ba after you sang then have eaten pwede ng magkwentuhan and all... and the best part, kaunti din lang ang aayusin and lilinisin. hehehe! you have 2 cute sons.... happy birthday again cutie Inigo...

    1. I think it really depends on the family. Some people, especially Pinoys, really like big parties! And like I said, a lot of baby birthday parties aren't for the babies naman talaga but for the adults. Like you said, it's memorable kasi may kwentuhan after. Hindi naman nagkukwentuhan ang mga babies =)

  3. happy birthday, iñigo!
    frances, i think he's not really chubby. yung cheeks lang niya yung chubby! :)
    anyway, it looked the party was so much fun.
    happy you all a great time. :)

    1. Oh, that's his nickname since he was about 3 months old =) He was really chubby that time so we started calling him Chubs. Then he remained chubby till he was 10 months old, when he started teething and stopped eating and got thinner. But the nickname stuck =)

  4. cute house party. So practical than celebrating outside..Nice Mommy Frances,, and cute little boys.. thumbs up.

  5. I just realized that we live in the same building! :D haha! happy birthday to little Tigger! :) God bless your family more and expand your borders further :)

  6. Happy birthday Inigo ! I agree that an intimate party is better and practical than a big one . Blessings to you and your family Frances .

  7. Happy birthday, Inigo!
    Vito's face, looking at the candle = PRICELESS!
    You look so happy, Frances!!!! What a happy day, and what happy boys — all 3 of your boys, Vince included, haha!


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