Saturday, May 4, 2013

The surprising blessing of household chores

This was how I spent my Saturday night:

Thanks, Cinderella! I'm using her picture instead of mine because (a) I don't take photos of myself doing household chores and (b) I wasn't wearing any bottoms, just a long shirt. I was on my hands and knees and I didn't want to get my skirt wet.

By the time I reached the dining area (after the hallway and living room and writing area), I decided that I didn't want to spend a perfectly wonderful Saturday night washing the floor. It's the only good time to do it, however, since the baby boys are asleep. But I decided that I'll call the condo housekeeping on Monday and hire them to wash, wax and polish the floors instead.

I was washing the floors because they're not clean. Obviously! Having no household help and yayas, we now just vacuum the floors but the waxing, polishing and buffing? Nope. That's really not a good idea in a house with little babies who crawl and lie down on the floor on a regular basis. They also throw food on the floor a lot, spill milk and juice, spit out food they don't like, and basically do everything in their power to make the floors as sticky as possible.

That's why I was washing the floor. I actually liked doing it. It was quiet. It was repetitive. It was calming. And every time I found a sticky spot or a cookie crumb or a soggy cereal, I'd remember Vito and Iñigo and how cute they are and what they did today and what new things they're learning and their exuberance and laughter, and I remember how incredibly blessed I am. Even when I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing that floor and ruining my hands and nails!
Chores are not gentle on hands!

I'd have loved to do the entire house actually but I've had a long day. My kids and I did a lot today—cleaned the rabbit cage, built stuff with Legos, tickled and tumbled, cooked, did the grocery, and all of that while Vito, Iñigo and I were suffering a really bad cold. I'm very very tired. I need my rest because tomorrow those same little boys I love with all my mommy heart will wake up and demand all my love and hugs and energy. And make the floors sticky again anyway so I might as well sleep. So good night, oh happy world!


  1. I super agree with doing house chores not being gentle on the hands. One weekend that our helper was on her day off, I had to cook and wash dishes. Eh timing na timing, I just had my nails done Friday afternoon. With extra fee pa for the nail polish ha. Ayun, Sunday night parang sa kanto nagpa-manicure. LOL!

    Hand lotion is our friend! And gloves! I forgot to use gloves kanina (and a brush!!!) when I was cleaning the sink. Aba, kinamay ko ba naman! Akala ko ata plato dahil kakahugas ko lang nun. :D

    While doing them is very, very exhausting. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards and seeing the house clean, hay sarap!

  2. My hands ain't pretty either, and I have super dry skin pa naman. Been doing the housework since November last year, until I finally decided to hire a stay-out maid to do the deep cleaning once a week. Sweet relief. :)
    I also love your perspective on cleaning: The little messes are our kids' trademarks of a good time. Keep it up Frances.

  3. Okay lang. My Mama used to say, "Women with pretty hands only mean they lead useless lives." =D

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