Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tiny fingerprints

I was wiping the mirrored console for the nth time today, wondering how on earth tiny fingerprints find themselves on the glass a few minutes after wiping that same glass clean. Then I decided sticky fingerprints mean the kids are getting taller, the baby is learning to walk, they're curious, active and exploring, and the stickiness means they ate something. All good things. All good things!

I should count myself blessed instead of getting annoyed, especially since one day too soon, the boys who leave those fingerprints will leave footprints going out the door and to new adventures that won't include me. So while I'm still in their life and they're in mine, I'm going to enjoy these happy days.


  1. Holy sh*t, that image tugged at my heart strings. :( New mom here, gonna go give my baby a hug...

    1. Yes. Really puts things in perspective, right? Our time with our babies is so limited! So let's choose to enjoy them instead of getting annoyed =D


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