Monday, May 13, 2013

What Vince gave me this special weekend

What an amazing weekend we had! Iñigo turned one and we celebrated with a mini candle-blowing party. Then it was Mother's Day and Vince cooked and cleaned and took care of the kids while I spent the entire day sleeping, bathing and polishing my nails.

But this was my super duper most favoritest ever Mother's Day gift:

Thanks, Vince! I love the photos, most of which I've already forgotten we had. It was so wonderful to see them again! I got really emotional seeing our baby bunchokoy grow up. Our babies grow up so fast, too fast! I'm so happy we're around to see this miracle unfolding. It's the best gift to ourselves!


  1. We just saw the video, so nice! I especially like the picture of him wearing a headband(?) and then in the next picture he was frowning. Parang nag-react sya dun sa pagkakalagay nyo ng headband haha!

    1. Halatang living doll namin sya =)

  2. wonderful parents are to wonderful kids. the video is beautiful Ms. Frances, I'm sure Sir Vince is overwhelmed with joy when he was doing this. God bless your family :)

  3. Hi Frances! Thank you for sharing this video with your readers :) Napa-emote rin ako, naluha ako while watching the video hehe. I'm thinking of doing the same on my blog :)

    Belated Happy Mother's Day :) God bless.

  4. This is really nice. Perfect song. Made me cry! Good job, Daddy Vince!

  5. Bestest gift nga! Now I really know why a lot of us had fallen in love with Vince of Vince's Life. It's written by a romantic guy; now a loving husband, who knows how to make his wife truly happy. :)

  6. Thanks everybody!!! I love being a mom because I have the best partner in parenting! =)


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