Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nikki's adorable baby shower

My friend Nikki is a few weeks away from popping out a baby boy and we're all so excited for her and her hubby, Bern! Last weekend, an adorable baby shower was thrown for the expectant couple and Nikki said I can share the happy news with all of my lovely readers.

Here we are at the photo wall. Rocco will be the new baby's name. Rocco means "rest" and I find that especially calming and meaningful especially after all the yearning and waiting that his parents went through. Now Nikki and Bern's hearts can rest from the yearning because now a new emotion will fill their days: delight!
With my own baby boy. My other baby boy preferred to play with his Papa and cousins.
With dear friends, Nicole and Kat.
The baby shower was held at Mom & Tina's Pasig. I love that place! Their event space is big and bright, the food is really good, and their staff so nice and helpful. Kat's sister, Nina Dy, decorated the venue. The theme was shabby chic and little lamb.
The pennants are book pages printed with silhouettes of farm life.
Centerpieces are balls and flowers made of yarn, wood blocks, bottles wrapped in twine.
The gift table. Mine is the one with the flower!
Lamb cookie souvenirs! The signs are for the photo wall.

Here are Nikki and Bern's guests arriving. Boys and girls came! Usually, baby showers are a female affair but since Bern is very actively involved in all things involving his baby, he had to be there. So the guys came over, too!

Iñigo loves his Tita Nicole! We had a mini date the week after. Nic is soooo good with kids, especially little boys. She can entertain them for hours!

Tita Elaine is getting married soon! Tita E, Iñigo can walk na. Just saying hehe

Honeymooners Mitor and Kabbie. We were talking about marriage and kainis kasi Mitor never makes patol kay Kabbie pag feel ni Kabbie mang-away (we all have those days, right? Right?). He just understands that she's tired or stressed then bakes her muffins. Whut?!

Actually, Bern is the same way. He doesn't bake (at least I don't think he does) but he's very maasikaso kay Nikki. So maalaga. These guys are soooo devoted to their wives! My hubby's devoted to me, too, ha. This is not a read-between-the-lines thing! But Vince is more of a practical carer. He makes sure we're all safe, he'll fix whatever's broken in the house, he cleans up after us, he makes sure we're all fed and bathed. But he doesn't hold my hand if I'm feeling out of sorts. He lets me sort that out myself hahaha.

Anyway! Back to the shower! There was a lot of yummy food. Of course! Mom & Tina's never disappoints. There was a lot of games and prizes. There's guess the celebrity pregnant mommy, what's the baby animal name, which kid belonged to which popular TV family show, etc. In these next photos, Nikki and Bern had to compete against each other and show who's more ready to have a baby. Like, how do you burp a baby? Nikki won. Or Bern let her win haha.
They were really cute. They were very demure about it but they were obviously excited about their baby. We're excited, too!

Here's the opening of the gifts. I got little Rocco a googoo&gaga onesie with matching shoes. I'm so happy (and relieved haha) that they both liked it. They're such a stylish couple! They'll definitely have super stylish kids. At least while Rocco still allows them to dress him. My Vito, who's almost 3, used to dress super cute. Then when he turned 2, he decided he dresses himself or he goes nekkid haha. Buti na lang Iñigo is still like a baby doll!

Nikki and Bern, we're excited to meet Rocco! It's the final stretch so get a lot of rest and sleep and couple time. Pretty soon, you'll be suffering sleepless nights, exhaustion and delicious, delirious and addicting love!


  1. I love the name Rocco! It's still on our list of potential children's names, along with Lucca. It's just weird that they're all in the Godfather, too!!!

    So happy for your friends. I've actually seen them several times, from afar, in Rockwell. Haha! Parang stalker! It's cuz of your blog that I recognized them! They ARE stylish :)

    1. Basta wag lang Sonny and Fredo haha

  2. I hope you liked my sister's lamb cookies! facebook.com/abagofgoodies <--shameless plugging, hehe! Nikki is a pretty preggers!

  3. Hello there! I love the theme you have here. May I know where is this place?


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