Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our happy Papa's day

Vince doesn't think much of Father's Day. He thinks Mother's Day is an important day and moms should really be treated super special but daddies, well, daddies shouldn't be fussed over. It's a guy thing, ya know. Despite that gruff attitude, Vince still super loved his Father's Day because we had so much fun fussing over him hehe!

First, Vince was very excited to buy his Father's Day gift: audioengine 5+ bookshelf speakers. Really amazing speakers! He got them from Dexterton in Greenbelt 5 and he was like a kid in a candy store. While he was talking shop talk with the Dexterton guy, the little boys explored the shop.

They had a little too much fun exploring! It's a miracle they didn't break anything! Anyway, with his spankin' brand new speakers all wrapped up in a box, Vince was a happy camper and ready for a big lunch! Since we are big fans of Cibo, off to Cibo we went.

We like Cibo because they like children. Cibo is obviously a family restaurant. Their paper mats are meant for coloring, they have crayons, they have high chairs that are actually clean, their service staff know how to treat kids. So we often eat at Cibo!

On Father's Day, they had a special meal for daddies so Vince got a big plate of juicy pork steak. That's Lombatine Di Maiale on the menu. I had my usual chicken sandwich and the kids had chips and spaghetti.

After our happy lunch, the boys burned it all off by running around the atrium and climbing up and down the stairs.

I met a really cute young lady, by the way! She's the daughter of a blog reader and we had our picture taken together and she said thank you and off she ran. (Hi, dear blog reader who I didn't meet! You have the most amazing daughter. She's so well mannered, confident and well spoken. I hope you said hi to me, too!)

After the big lunch and all that running around, we all went home. It wasn't even yet 1 pm and yet we've already done a lot, we were home, in bed for a nap, listening to awesome sound from the new speakers, and just amazed at how incredibly happy we are.

I'm incredibly happy that I have a husband who's the father I always imagined fathers to be. He's given me an awesome life, a very comfortable life. He encourages me, even pushes me to go after my dreams. He is full of wisdom and humor and life. He takes care of me and our boys. He is very hands on with raising them, giving them baths, washing their butts, changing their diapers, teaching them new skills, feeding them. Watching him loving me unabashedly in front of our sons and watching him being just as generous with his love to our boys is a great comfort and joy to me. Vince is an awesome father. My sons are in good hands.

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