Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Praying Wives and kids at ACE Water Spa

I don't have photos of the water spa. There's like this huge sign in there that says no cameras, no cell phones, no everything. One look at that and you think, "WTH? What are they hiding in there?" Nothing really. Just really fabulous pools of heated, swirling, pounding water that is just about the most relaxing massage on the planet! 

It's really relaxing. We've been there twice and Iñigo always falls asleep in the water. The first time was with my Praying Wives group and some of our kids. The second time was with my Vince and our sons and his friend Jukka and his gorgeous family. I have photos of the first trip to ACE Water Spa here.

Well, photos of us at the buffet since no cameras allowed in the pool area. The food is really good, too! I didn't expect it to be haha but for P550 a head with drinks pa, it's a really good spread. Here's Iñigo getting candy from Kuya Justin.
Aww! What a good kuya! Good job, Justin! You're just like my Vito, always sharing. Well, Vito shares everything except the iPad haha.

Here are my good friends! From left, that's Maan with her sons Ezekiel and Ethan, Cathee with her eldest daughter Masha, birthday girl Claire, me with Iñigo, Tricia, and Dada with her unico hijo Justin.

We super loved ACE Water Spa! We used a deal group to get discounted tickets. I don't remember which kasi si Dada ang bumili ng coupons. But ACE has a fantastic VIP Card that I'm thinking of getting. It's like a buy one-take one treat! Maybe I'll buy one when we go this week!

I hope you're having a good week, mommies! My family just came from a lovely vacation and I have hundreds of photos to go through! Will definitely blog about it as soon as I resize all of the fab pics! Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. I got to try their buffet and was surprised with the quality of the food as well! It's even better than some of the more popular buffets around.


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