Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cuteness overload!

This is just a few seconds long but you super better watch it because it is soooo adorable!

Mom said she walked in, caught the kids, walked right out to get her camera and take a vid. And what she caught was soooo priceless!

Ya know, Vince and I aren't wired for video. There are tons of times that our boys are doing something so hilarious or cute or heart-melting and then we laugh and melt and then we say after all that, "We should've taken out the video camera!" Always! We always forget we can take videos! Grrr!

This, for example. This was too cute. But no video!

Too bad. We could've been gajillionaires by now, like the Charlie Bit My Finger boys haha!


  1. Sobrang funny!! Grabe priceless the way natinginan sila when they were caught -- parang "uh oh..." tapos the way the little boy smiled at the end... Super lol... If you were the mom you wouldn't know whether to get mad or laugh. By the way, what was that white goo on him anyway??

    1. I knoooow! It's so hard to get mad if tehy're uber cute like that!

      It's sunblock =)


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