Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kate's post-baby bump is so big and normal. Awesome!

As a former entertainment magazine editor and a woman, I would always balk at photos of celebs who had just given birth and they look like... they didn't!!!
Nicole Kidman 2 weeks after giving birth
Gisele Bundchen 6 weeks after giving birth

After I gave birth to Vito, my sister looked at my tummy and said, "Why is it still big?" with matching look of nausea. Because nine months and 33 lbs don't disappear overnight dammit!!!

So thank you, Duchess Kate. You are so royal, so beautiful, and so normal! I love you!

For more photos of the royal baby (hello, Prince George Alexander Louis!), go to The British Monarchy Heir Facebook page. Sooo cute this Cambridge family!

For more photos of Duchess Kate and her fab style (pregnant or not!), check out Duchess of Cambridge News & Style Files Facebook page. I'm a fan! Especially when they created this:
Doesn't it look like a Topaz Mommy image? I love it!

*Nicole Kidman photo from Pop Sugar, Gisele Bundchen photo from Daily Mail. 


  1. yes, you're right frances, she's so normal... the plus part, she wears heels agad (though not masyadong mataas) hehe

    1. She has those wedge heels in navy and black, too! Naghahanap nga ako ng ganyan =)

  2. I love your description of her: "so royal, so beautiful, and so normal!" Not an ounce of pretense in her noh? Love her, too!

  3. I super agree. When I saw the pictures, her post partum tummy is still big and she does not seem bothered at all. All you see in her is the love for her baby.
    After giving birth, I was down for a while. From having pregnancy glow for 9 months, suddenly I had sticky hair, poop on my shirt, a crying baby in my arms and no excuse for a big tummy. I wish someone told me when I was pregnant that it is normal to still look pregnant after giving birth.

  4. I became a fan when she got preggo. I don't know, I like celebrities who are like me --- mommy! And you can see in her face that she's tired but happy! Just like most of us when we gave birth to our little ones. ;)

  5. I so agree! Normally, we would try to hide our post baby tummy, diba? Pedro she even wore an empire cut dress that emphasized the bump. My admiration for her went through the roof. I remember the day after I gave birth, I looked five months pregnant pa rin. To think I gained only 20 lbs. I even wore my maternity jeans a few weeks pa rin after giving birth. Nakakadepress. So kudos to Kate! And I loved how normal and down to earth they looked, just like any normal parents, noh? With William carrying the car seat, driving the car himself, without any nannies or escorts fawning over them.

  6. I'm wondering, if making the mommy wear a belly/abdomen wrap or bigkis (tama ba?), really is that common or a must? Kasi when I was recovering from my CS, ang kulit nung nurse ipasuot yun sakin! But it did help with the "OMG my stomach feels like its going to drop on the floor" feeling I get.

  7. Very normal! My cousin who is not a mom, asked me this, "Bakit ganyan kalaki yung tummy niya? Ano yan nilagyan ng pillow?", I laughed and answered, "It's normal. Hindi magiging flat ang tummy pag labas ang baby.". She did not stop there. I think she did not believe my explanation and asked again, "Eh bakit ganyan kalake?! Ang OA!". If only she knew. Hindi overnight ang pag papaliit ng tyan. Ako nga 3 years old na anak ko mukha akong 8 months pregnant. Jusme.

  8. Nice! Very true. Love that she's so royal yet relatable. :)

  9. Thank you for the mention! We are just checking out this blog for the first time and we love it!

  10. We are so delighted to learn that you enjoy our Facebook page! Your blog looks fantastic. We have bookmarked it for future reference!


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