Saturday, July 13, 2013

Family fun at Taal Vista Hotel: Night of Day 2

Okay, I disappeared for a week. I have too much on my plate! All good things, all good things. Topaz Mommy is busy living and loving life so that I can have lovely stuff to blog about! But I missed you and so I'm back from outer space with the continuation of the Taal Vista vacation.

Kina-career ko talaga itong Taal Vista Hotel posts! It's really only because we had a magical time really. Anyway, I promise that there's just this one post and then the next one will be the last one and that last one will be the contest. So, see, there's a reward in the end! For one person nga lang haha.

So! Where were we? Okay, so we went to Tagaytay one stormy week in June and we stayed at Taal Vista because it had the best view of the volcano and the lake. We also picked that place because it was right beside the new Sky Ranch but since it was raining, we didn't get to enjoy it (but we already did last March!). We did, however, get to enjoy the beautiful hotel, the exquisite service and the divine food. And for this instalment, I tell you about how I enjoyed the spa and a romantic dinner, too!

Here is my private room. There's a nice canopy overhead. The massage bed is very comfortable. There's a shower room and a nice closet for your clothes plus a large full-length mirror. Quite nice!

I had the Salt and Aloe Vera Glow Scrub (P1,500) followed by the Warm Herbal Oil Massage (P1,250). Here's the collection of oils. They all smelled great!

The scrub was okay—nothing different from the usual scrubs from other spas—but the warm oil massage was wonderful! It felt very sensual because a brush is used to apply the warm oil and the softness of the brush and the warmth of the oil against the skin is soothing. I loved it!

After my massage, I got really sleepy but we had to eat dinner. We got a special note to meet Celine and August at the fireplace. Ooh, we have a date! (Oh, to refresh your memory, Celine is the marketing communications manager and August is the executive assistant manager.) So Vince, the kids and I bundled up and looked for the fireplace.

On our way there, we were treated to this: trees shrouded in fog, dazzling the night with the glow of their strung-up lights. It lent mystique to our night's mystery rendezvous.

And here we are! Our special romantic dinner by the fireplace! This is awesome. We were delighted. The photos don't do any justice to this special dinner. Thanks, Taal Vista!
My Vince and Vito are happy!
I'm still oily from my massage haha. I didn't even get to comb my hair and put on makeup and jewelry!
The centerpiece!
As you can see, Vito was very impressed! He absolutely loved everything! Vince and I loved everything, too, especially the food!

Dinner started with poached prawn ceriche with organic crispy green salad in Balsamic reduction. This was perfect. Just enough lightness, sharpness and sweetness to make the tummy want more!

Oh, if you're wondering what Vito ate (you know kids and their relationship with fancy food!), Chef Edwin prepared special kiddie dishes for him. As for Iñigo, he ate bread and fish from my plate.

Oh wow. This this this! This is Tagaytay bulalo. Oh, that name. How deceptively simple when in fact this soup just exploded in our mouths with rich flavor! This bulalo is the best soup ever. Ever! I wanted to ask for the whole kaldero!

Our main course was pan-seared honey-glazed salmon steak on a bed of mashed potatoes, topped by a fennel salad. This is delicious. The fish, the vegetables—fresh! So light, too. So there was still room for dessert!

Dessert was interesting. It's chesa cheesecake with guava gelato. I can't say I loved this because it was so very new to me. My palate wasn't used to it (it took me five years before I fell in love with sashimi, for example). I have never tasted chesa. It's a yellow-orange fruit that kinda looks like a mango and a papaya. I've never tasted it, like I said, but Wikipedia says the flesh is sweet with the texture of cooked egg yolk. It really did have that texture! The guava gelato also tasted exactly like guava but creamy and cold, of course. It was fascinating and fresh and quite good but also very new to me.

Vito and Iñigo didn't get to eat dessert. They fell asleep around the time the fish was served. Vince and I ate dinner with one hand since we cradled a kid each!

Mmm. Good food, good company, good conversation, good night. Happiness!

Okay, off to bed for me. I'm going to finish this Taal Vista adventure series and do a giveaway tomorrow so make sure you drop by again!

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  1. Those trees!! How whimsical. And the canopy over the massage bed! Lovely.

  2. Thanks for this, Frances! :) Sayang I wasn't able to join you for dinner. I also love their Bulalo soup! Sooo good!

    I'll see you very soon! :D


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