Friday, August 9, 2013

Love the shopping at Gingersnaps!

I was going through my iPhoto library recently and realized that I have dozens of photos and stories that I missed telling you all about. Then I saw that my Iñigo seems to be wearing his Indian shirt from Gingersnaps over and over and over again. It's crazy. You might think Iñigo doesn't have any other clothes hehe. Here's the boys in a few of their Gingersnaps clothes.
We love Gingersnaps because the clothes are very soft on baby skin. At a recent lunch date with the owners of Gingersnaps (hello beautiful mommies Sabrina and Sherry), I found out that the proudly Pinoy brand really tests each design to check if it's soft on skin but tough enough to withstand active play. I can attest to this. My boys are really comfy in their Gingersnaps outfits and the clothes don't get torn or misshaped with rough use!

So I was so happy that after lunch, Sabrina and Sherry said we can shop for our kids (and ourselves, too!) at their lovely Greenbelt 5 shop.
Aww. So adorable!
I like that the girls' clothes look like little girls' clothes. I can't stand sexy clothes for little girls!

The other mommy bloggers went straight to business. They perused the racks of cute clothes like professional shoppers!
Moms of boys Eli Ypon of The Painter's Wife and Neva Santos of Manila Mommy
Jackie Go of Go, Jackie Go! and my Iñigo are both in gray.
Tin Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer with Sabrina Uy of Gingersnaps (in red)
Martine De Luna of Dainty Mom (standing) and Charlene Sio of Apples & Dumplings

I looked around but—big confession here!—I don't shop for my kids without their father's opinion. I don't even shop for my husband's stuff. When it comes to male fashion, I leave it to Vince to decide. So I waited for Vince and Vito to join us at Gingersnaps. I wouldn't have been able to do any shopping anyway. Iñigo was running and playing around the store happily!

What a fun fun day! Thanks, Gingersnaps! We had a great time. Let's do that breastfeeding line! I can see it now—Topaz Mommy and Gingersnaps Stylish Nursing Wear! 

Anyway, I was so inspired by their story on building a business that loves children and expectant moms. I loved how Sabrina and Sherry are such successful women and amazing mothers. And I loved their gentleness most of all. 

Gentleness is a quality I don't see anymore in women. It's not a quality I possessed. Ever. But as I become older, I find that there is value in grace, compassion, patience, kindness, quiet, discretion—all gentle traits, traits that have always been attributed to women (which I thought was a sexist attribution). But it's lovely. And to see women living so gently and so successfully inspires me to do the same.


  1. I can't stand sexy clothes for little girls too! Hindi kasi bagay eh. :(

  2. Hi! When my youngest was still a baby and if I have that extra budget, I bought her few shirts at Gingersnaps. Worth it naman talaga eh. And yes I agree with you, I can't stand yung mga sexy clothes for little girls and yes high heels too. Let them be kids.... so let them wear cute stuff fit for kids...

  3. I agree, Frances! I find it so inappropriate when little girls are dressed in mini-adult outfits (skimpy clothes and high heels) and I think that it contributes to the oversexualization of young women and unhealthy body images. Imagine, my six-year-old niece sometimes asks for clothes because she thinks it makes her look sexy and she already feels conscious because she says her arms are big!

  4. i love Gingersnaps! so glad they have branches here in Dubai :) when in Manila, i hoard. love their t-shirts for boys -- so comfortable & presko! the girls's line have adorable clothes for little girls, too. i have the same opinion about little girls wearing sexy clothes, big NO, NO for me & my hubby. let kids be kids, period.


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