Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meet my assistant! He's cute!

I'm a work-at-home mom. That's actually not truly technically true. I may write at home but my freelance job as a writer and editor still requires me to be out a lot. I have meetings and photo shoots and interviews and events la di da. Tough job! Hehe. No, I'm lucky to do what I do. It's not so hard. Ya know why? I have the cutest assistant in the world!

For example, for this photo shoot of Dr. Yanee Vasquez for my Manila Bulletin column...

... Iñigo is in charge of getting food. I just tell him, "Okay, act cute and do your thing." No fail. The food and drinks magically appear!

Of course, he eats all the food. He doesn't even share! Here he is stuffing himself again. Photo shoots aren't very interesting, by the way. I caught him looking really bored here.

Then when I ask him to style the products, he has this huge attitude problem!
"Fix the Lacoste, Iñigo." "No!"

Then he's always distracting the photographer. How can anyone do their jobs really with Iñigo around???

Hehe. He's cute! Seriously, he's the easiest baby in the world. In fact, because he's so adorable, he's the ice breaker at every client meeting, photo shoot, event and celebrity interview! So he makes work easier!


  1. Hindi talaga ako aangal. Cutest assistant indeed! Baka naman ayaw niya yung Lacoste dahil mas gusto niya ayusin yung LV! Sobrabg Cute lalo na kapag nag naka frown. Ang laki padin ng eyes! Hihi.

  2. Ms. Frances, I've always wondered how Iñigo would stay put in one place! I can never leave my 16-month old unattended. Like in that chair, for sure, bababa agad yun - over the armrest! How on earth do you do that with Iñigo?

  3. Super cute! And so wonderful that you can bring him with you. :) Sarap naman ng buhay WAHM!

  4. Hahaha such a cute and adorable assistant :)

  5. Oh wow! How do you get your little boy to sit still like that? He seems so well behaved. With my son, the only downtime is when he is sleeping or sleepy, aside from that its all rough and tumble. He insists on walking around, jumping and making mommy carry him. Haha!

  6. Aww! Ang cute noh! I hope my kids are like him na can stay in one corner lang for a long time.


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