Friday, August 2, 2013

Show me your kid's #SpaghettiFace and win a fun Del Monte merienda gift!


Okay, I promised over at my Facebook page that I was going to do a giveaway today. So here ya go! I'm giving away an arts and crafts gift set to two mommies!!! Thanks, Del Monte!

Del Monte Spaghetti already makes merienda time super special with their Spaghetti Merienda Packs, but they're upping the ante by giving away these gift sets so that your afternoons with your kids will be even more fun and special!

Here's what's inside:

To make the bonding time fun and educational, Del Monte thoughtfully included these activity cards for you and your kid to do.

Here's what Vito, Iñigo and I did: organizing colors and painting with watercolors!

Of course, the winners will also get a Spaghetti Merienda pack and a nice glass bowl!

Here's how to win your Del Monte Spaghetti Merienda Pack Gift:
1. Follow Del Monte PH on Twitter!
2. Follow me on Twitter!
3. Tweet a photo of your kid's spaghetti face. "@FrancesASales Here's my son/daughter [kid's name]'s #SpaghettiFace! We love @DelMontePH spaghetti for merienda!"

Here's an example of a spaghetti face: Just your kid eating spaghetti!!!

That's it! Super easy! Super fun! Super sarap! Good luck! I'll pick the two cutest winners!!!

And the winners are:

I loved how Geoff and Kahlan are feeding themselves and how messy they are. Spaghetti is a messy affair. It's the only great way to eat it! Congratulations, mommies and kiddies! Del Monte will send you your fun gift packs soonest! Just send me a message over at my Facebook page so we can go over the details.

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