Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spaghetti faces are love!

This post is brought to you by Del Monte Spaghetti.

You know what makes an ordinary day special? Soft bedsheets. Brewed coffee. A good book. A really great hair day. Bubble baths. Spaghetti.

My kids love spaghetti. Well, I don't know any kid who doesn't like spaghetti. But in our home, it's a pretty often request. "Giletti! Mama, cook giletti!" I dunno how spaghetti became giletti but that's how Vito says it! So what's a mama to do? I cook the giletti!

I'm glad that Del Monte made these Spaghetti Merienda Packs. They're so convenient.

I love the recipes at the back, although this hotdog spaghetti (which I cooked) was too kiddie party for me. Well, it is for the kids so I shouldn't complain!

I love that I don't need to measure anything, especially the noodles. The amount is just right for my family of four!

Ta-daaaa! And there's spaghetti!

Suddenly, our table feels festive. An ordinary meal becomes extraordinary especially when the boys stuff their mouths full of giletti.

You know what makes an ordinary day special? Seeing my kids happy. That's the best kind of special!


  1. Ano ba yung line sa Friends, "makes my uterus skip a beat"? Haha.
    Parang the pasta is great also if you're doing portion (and quality) control.

    1. Ya, because Del Monte portioned this out already, I feel like it's mas masarap kasi man konti haha

  2. I've been trying to look for these merienda packs but they're always sold out at grocery stores! I've tried SM Hypermarkets and Puregold... Waley! Kaya I'm stuck cooking big batches, though nauubos naman namin quite quickly (kababuyan! Lol!) but when I need to make quick lunch for Jacob lang, this is very appealing for me.

    Hallow Del Monte! Please restock in my favorite grocery stores! :D


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