Saturday, August 3, 2013

Time flies

This morning, over breakfast, I was telling Vince about the LeBunny Bleu launch. As usual, I brought Iñigo with me. What's unusual was Vince and Vito followed us at the event. I said, "The magazine editors (that I used to work with) kept calling Iñigo, Vito!"

When Vito finally showed up, the editors were so shocked. "This is Vito?! Wasn't he just a baby?!"

And Vince and I laughed at the story. Vince said, "For single people, time stops. Kids remind you every day that time is passing you by very fast."

And I said, "Yes. Every day, I look at the kids and I think, I can't catch up. It's too fast!"

He doesn't like me kissing him anymore =(

The bittersweet irony of becoming parents (well, one of its many bittersweet moments!) is that parenting is the beginning of a great adventure. Perhaps the greatest for many of us. But it's also the beginning of the end because every single day that our kids grow, develop, learn, become stronger, wiser, better also means that we, their parents, grow old, become weaker, fade away.

I don't really mind. I'd give up all of me if it means my children will become a better them. And yet I pray to God every day, "Please give me a long and healthy life! I want to see my children grow, love, live! Give me time, dear God. If it is Your will, give Vince and me time."

Time, it's the most precious, fleeting thing I want!


  1. Hmmm. Only those who truly honor God can capitalize Y in your when pertaining to HIM. I noticed a lot of good writers/bloggers don't do that kasi. Anyway, that's off topic, I know. This post, I shall force the husbandry to read. He's wasting time lately by being so unbelievably busy eh. Kakaloka lang that I need to text him pa para kamustahin the unica hija. Ni hindi niya alam na mas gwapo na si Jack Frost kesa sa kanya. Harhar. ��

    1. Even the Bible doesn't capitalize pronouns that pertain to God. We mustn't judge other people's level of faith based on their grasp of the English language.

      As for your hubby.. You know, a lot of men believe that being a good provider is being a good father, that spending time away from the family is a sacrifice they have to make so that they can provide. We discussed this in our Praying Wives prayer meeting. It doesn't make it right but our hubbies just need to be reminded of their other roles =)

    2. "Even the Bible doesn't capitalize pronouns that pertain to God. We mustn't judge other people's level of faith based on their grasp of the English language."

      --I agree to this, Ms. Frances. Thank you for clarifying this for the sake of "those good writers/bloggers" who don't to that. That's why you're my favorite mommy blogger. You're unbiased, real and respect others. YOU DON'T JUDGE. :) THANK YOU.

    3. Oh yes, thanks for the reality check, Frances! :)

  2. Awww so true!! the stronger they become, the weaker we get. :(

  3. I totally agree that our kids are a daily reminder of just how fast time flies. My son turned 7 this year. 7! Grabe, ang bilis!

    I was looking at your Inigo last Saturday at the workshop, and his outfit was just like my son's clothes at that age. I was reminded of how lucky I am that I now get to spend more time with my son, as a WAHM. Imagine, I went back to full-time work when he was 1, and I continued to work until he was 5. I missed out on so much!

    I make sure now that I make up for every minute I lost back then. And like you, I always pray for more time for my hubby and I to spend with our little boy.

  4. True Ms.Frances, time flies and it's truly a grateful experience to sleep and wake up each morning seeing those little creatures grow up into the person that God has blessed them to be. I share with your prayers and the other parents here as well, indeed the gift of time is all that we can ask for as we ourselves were once children who also craved for time with our parents.

  5. bilis bilis talaga nila lumaki. you want to say STOP!!!! para lang you enjoy every moment. natakot tuloy ako when you said Vito doesn't like you kissing him anymore - and he's just 3. OMG, bugbugin ko na ng kiss ang Neo ko. hahaha

  6. Eh naiyak ako. :') How amazing that we get to be mothers and raise these darling children albeit the little knowledge we have. Which is why I always make sure that whatever decision I make will always consider the time away from my boy. I don't want to miss his milestones.

    I will hug and kiss my son a little bit more tonight. Thank you for the perspective. ;)


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