Friday, September 13, 2013

At the Pampers Sound Sleep, Sound Development event

This post is brought to you by Pampers.

I'm a Pampers Mommy! 

And how perfect is my DVF wrap dress for Pampers, right? I was told to wear the Pampers colors orange and green to the Sound Sleep, Sound Development event this week at SM Megamall. I told Pampers, "I wear black all the time now!" Buti na lang I remembered I have an old dress from my pre-mommy days that is the exact shade of Pampers green!

Anyway! Pampers Diapers chose Topaz Mommy and Mommy Pehpot Pineda as their Pampers Mommies (hooray!) and we were the special guests at their mega bongga sleep event. We didn't sing and dance naman haha, we were just asked to talk about how we put our babies to sleep, if we ever have problems with their sleep and how we solved them. Pehpot and I agreed that nothing beats breastfeeding in comforting our babies back to sleep! 

Here's what the event space looked like:
play space for kiddies
the talk show area
interactive station 1
interactive station 2
interactive station 3!
Syempre, I just had to have my photo taken at this booth! It's supposed to be for your baby. You put your baby in it so the scene will look like the event logo:
Oh how I wish I'd brought Iñigo! He'd have looked totally adorable sleeping on that fluffy cloud pillow! But since mama had to work, ako na lang ang nag-pose.

Also, the more important guests at the event were Dr. Luis Rivera Jr of the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine and Alicia Estiller, president of the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines. Dr. Rivera talked about the importance of deep, uninterrupted sleep—babies and toddlers are more alert when they're awake (that means they learn more and better!), they're less cranky, more happy, more focused at tasks and their attention span lasts longer. Good sleep means happier, better behaved, smarter kids! It also means better developed kids since sleep is when muscles and bones grow!

Meanwhile, Nurse Alicia talked about how to get baby ready for sleep and how to soothe them back to sleep should they wake in the night. She said the culprits of sleep disruption are usually room temperature (too hot, too cold), noise, hunger, illness, and wet diapers. So as long as we keep baby comfy with the right room temperature, the right diaper, and a full tummy, we can be assured that baby's sleep will be deep and uninterrupted.

One trick the experts swear by is white noise. White noise is basically just a blank, flat sound that helps mask other noises. Here's an example:

That's 10 hours of white noise! Amazing! Anyway, white noise works by blocking out environmental sound like traffic, household chores, noisy siblings. You can read more about white sleep here (Why Babies Love White Noise).

We have a really cute toy that produces white noise. Meet Lynch:
Lynch is actually Gentle Giraffe from Cloud B. It's a toy that has a little speaker box inside it that generates nature sounds, water sounds, and the shushing sound. All these are known as white noise. We used Lynch for Vito but not for Iñigo. Iñigo seems to prefer the calming British voices of BBC. Yes, that's why I had to grab that photo from Cloud B's website because we already packed away Lynch since Iñigo prefers BBC.

You don't have to buy a toy like Lynch. You can generate white noise with a radio tuned in to a blank station, or the TV on a blank channel (or the BBC haha), or even the whirring of an old electric fan helps. Some parents find a vacuum cleaner in another room helps but, geez, a noisy vacuum that's on for two hours is torture for everyone else at home!

How do you keep your babies asleep deeper and longer?

To learn more about Pampers and sleep, visit their website or like their Facebook page.


  1. Hi Frances. :) Putting my two-year-old to sleep is really a challenge. He sleeps really late and I'm a bit worried because as you have pointed in your previous post that kids should sleep by 8 p.m. the latest. Like today, he took a nap by 1:30 p.m. and woke up by 6 p.m. so he slept at around 11 p.m. kanina :(

    Should've I interrupted his nap kanina?

    I'll try this white noise strategy. Sana umeffect sa kanya. :)

    1. You said it. We were worried, too, when the pedia said the kids have to be asleep by 8. Kami rin kasi we keep the kids up till late kasi it's so fun to be with them! Hindi pala tama yun. We're harming their growth and development =(

      Our pedia said no more naps after 4pm. Try to get your son asleep by 2pm so he can have a 2-hour nap. If he falls asleep daw at 3, gisingin ng 4. If he feels sleepy after 4, agahan na lang yung mga bedtime rituals (dinner, bath, etc) and send to bed earlier.

    2. Thank you so much for the reply and the tips, Frances. Will definitely apply them to Lance. Cheers! ;-)

  2. sayang I wasnt able to attend this pampers event. Neo now sleeps on his own. the trick? lights out. hindi lang basta dim light. as in no light. good thing he's not afraid. though, challenge is the hungry tummy at night. gigising pa din sya and look for DEDE.

  3. Oh that's something interesting huh! white noise it is..

  4. Hi Frances,

    I would just like to say that you look so great. For a mom of two without a nanny, you look so fantastic!!!! Good day!


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