Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five sleep myths busted!

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As a Pampers Mommy, my duties include answering questions on sleep over at the Pampers Philippines Facebook page.

I did a lot of research to answer that question posed by Mommy Haydie. It's very important to keep our babies on a schedule. It helps them develop their body rhythms. For example, my Iñigo wakes up at 6 a.m. and I know he gets sleepy at around 10:30 to 11. He slows down, isn't so makulit, sits down on the sofa and just spaces out, or he gets really fussy.

I used to keep him awake so he could eat lunch with us but this made him cranky or spaced out. Sometimes, when he's also already eaten lunch, he gets energized and then he won't nap anymore at all! That was not good. So I paid attention to his sleep signals and made him nap when he wants to. This has been a huge help in improving his mood, energy and development!

Now, if you have any questions for me regarding your baby's sleep, leave your question over at Pampers! I'm serious! This is Pampers inviting their mommies to ask me stuff:

Okay, for today's blog post on sleep, we'll talk about sleep myths.

Pampers sent me a long list of sleep myths and I want to comment on a few!

I'm so glad Vito's first yaya helped me understand newborns and the importance of giving them a sleep schedule! I used to think the baby will sleep when it's sleepy, but Yaya Marita told me it's best for mommy and baby to have a sleep schedule. That way, baby knows what to expect of his day. A schedule of activities, feeding times and naps helps him be secure (no surprises!), well rested and well fed. Best of all, Vito was sleeping through the night at just 2 months old!

This is an old wives' tale that is actually dangerous. I even still see this terrible advice on Facebook groups for moms! The moms say put cereal or ground up rice in the infant's milk so that the babies will sleep longer. What happens is you're putting stress on your child's digestive system and introducing elements that may not agree with an infant's immature tummy! Why endanger your baby's health just because you want to sleep longer? So scary!

Research has proven that feeding your babies exclusive breast milk (not even water!) is best until they're 6 months old. Introduce solids when they're 6 months old or even older. If you want your baby to sleep through the night, give him a good schedule of naps, feeding times and activities that will stimulate him and tire him out for a good night's sleep!

Many moms think that by withholding naps, their children will be more tired and will sleep longer and better at night. Like I keep saying in my Pampers sleep posts, sleep is vital for your child's proper growth and development. The more sleep they get, the better they grow! So any chance you get to make them sleep, do it!

This is so wrong! And Vince and I can attest to this sadly. We thought that keeping the kids up late will make them wake up later and thus allowing us parents to sleep longer. Wrong. No matter what time they slept at night, the boys always woke up at 6am. The problem with that is they only had a few hours' sleep so they are tired, cranky, fussy and generally bad-tempered!

But now that they're asleep by 8pm (sometimes earlier!), they sleep longer, deeper and better. This benefits them and this benefits us parents because now Vince and I have more time for each other!

At the Pampers Sound Sleep, Sound Development event, we learned that wetness is one of the sleep disruptors. When I tried other cheap, disposable diapers, Vito woke up. I had to wash him (sometimes give him a complete shower!), change his diaper and wet clothes. I had to change the bedsheets, too! Good bye to a good night's sleep!

It's really important that we use a highly absorbent diaper like Pampers Comfort for nighttime. I like the snugness around the waist and chubby thighs. This ensures a dry feeling throughout the night, which of course means a deep, uninterrupted sleep!

What other sleep myths do you know? Please share!

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  1. Myth: Most parents think that if you tire your kids too much, they'll sleep well and long at night. (eg. my yaya would let me and my brother play too much at night when we were kids para daw mapagod ng husto, so we could sleep soundly at night).
    Fact: Kids who are so worn out playing too much during the day are the ones who are restless at night. Moreover, they get too cranky and even have terrors in the middle of the night. Let your kids have a playtime schedule and let them wind down for at least 20 minutes before you put them to bed.

    Myth: If your kids would laugh too much, "babangungutin" daw.
    Fact: Nothing's wrong with kids laughing at night--or anytime of the day. Getting them tired is what's giving them night terrors.

    Myth: Wake your kid by shaking or shouting during a night terror.
    Fact: This would only agitate and prolong your child's night terror. Instead, cradle your child and soothe them. Talk to them in a calm, soothing tone, "You are okay. You are in your own bed. You are not alone. Mommy and/or Daddy is here." Do this repeatedly. IF in case they pull away when they are being snuggled, DO NOT persist. This would only make the terrors worse.

    1. Thanks for these! You should be a Pampers Mommy! =)

    2. Hahaha! I wish! Aside from my two kids, I had A LOT of babysitting back when I was in high school (I have a big family and we have tons of nephews, nieces and godchildren). So yea, I got plenty of practice waaaay before I had my own little brood. But then again, every kid is different. So it's every kid I care for is like a first for me. Haha! ;)

  2. How come my kid sleeps longer when kept up a little later? And when he doesn't nap during the day, he sleeps longer at night?

    Maybe it doesn't apply to all?

    1. According to medical science, it depends on how old your child is. Newborns need 15-18 hours of sleep total, babies less than 1 year old need 12-14 hours, 3-10 year old kids need 10-12 hours, older kids need 8-9 hours only. So as long as your child is getting his total hours of sleep, then he's okay. But most babies don't sleep 18 hours straight, that's why they need naps.

      My 1-year-old Iñigo also didn't seem to need naps! But when we went to the pedia last month, she said Iñigo is short. She sternly told us to make Iñigo nap. We protested that he doesn't like napping, that he's just fine. But the doctor said he isn't fine. So now we make Iñigo nap =)

    2. Some of those "myths" are actually real or facts, for us... =) They don't apply to all =)

  3. I agree with all, especially with myth#4. before i thought when Neo is tired and will sleep like 10pm onward, he will sleep more - but no, he wakes up at 4 or 5am, then gets cranky in the morning like he needs more sleep. So now, we sleep at 9pm, he wakes up at 6am - full night's rest. he's happier.

  4. I agree with what you said about myth #1. When super E was born there were so many people who told me I should follow the sleeping schedule of the baby. But after 1 month of erratic naps and feeding times, we were both exhausted. I didn't want to believe that "this kind of exhaustion" was part of taking care of a baby. After reading the baby whisperer, I am a firm believer that sleeping schedule is a must to ensure optimal health of baby and mommy. It also makes it easier for everyone in the household to help out because there is a routine.

  5. My 2 year old baby sleeps very late. She usually sleeps at around 11 pm. I allow her to sleep late because I want to spend more time with her. I don't know if this is fine, but me and her dad were both working. We usually get home at 7 or 8pm. Contrary to Fact #4, my baby wakes up late also. she wakes up between 9:30-10:30am. Then she will take her nap at around 2-4pm. I hope my baby's sleeping habit is okay. Her weight is normal. She's quite taller than kids her age.


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