Friday, September 20, 2013

Get the best camera but don't use it too much

I'm often asked by preggy mommies what they should buy for the baby. Top of my list? A really good camera. Diapers, clothes, baby grooming kits, etc are important of course but those things will last you a few years. Photos of your kids' fleeting milestones and precious moments? You need those forever!

Get the best camera you can afford and actually use. Yes, you have to think about its usability. Some rich folks plunk down six figures for a DSLR and, because it's so huge, they never use it! I mean, really, with a diaper bag in one hand and a baby in the other, a big camera is pretty useless. Unless of course you have a lot of yayas who can watch over everything while you click away.

I'm also often asked what camera I use. I use a Panasonic Lumix GF3. It's very small and I got it cheap on Amazon. Just $300! But the photos are great! I love it especially because I can tuck it in my purse so I'm sure I'm always ready to capture adorable moments—in HD, too! However, I resize photos for the blog so the pics I post here aren't so stunningly clear. But at least the photos we print and put in our shelves of albums are amazing! My husband uses the Olympus EP3. It's slightly bigger than my Panasonic and a whole lot more expensive but his photos are waaaaay better!

Most photos and videos these days are taken with a phone camera or with an iPad. Woefully out of focus, low-resolution, awful colors, filtered, whatever. It's cute for social media and for sudden moments you must get right now (my Blackberry's camera is useful in that sense) but that's no way to record your memories of your kiddies! Invest in a real camera!

That said, do remember that there's something more important than recording your child's moments—the moment itself! Vince and I always joke that if we took more videos of our kids, we'd be YouTube millionaires by now. But we'd rather get lost in the moment really. It's really sweeter to see it with our own eyes.

That said, I can't wait for Google Glass.

Meanwhile, watch this hilarious video:



  1. Haha! I know someone who has really big camera but never uses it. Like, what?! Sayang naman ang bonggang lens di ba. If I have that, I'm sure female Stanley Ong na ako. Chos. But really, that's why I find smart phones so handy and helpful to moms. Kasi isang pic-pac lang, captured na ang moment. Maisheshare pa sa mga friends. But yun nga, it's not as clear as a real camera. Ganda nga ng camera mo, Frances when I saw it in person (object?! lol). ♥

  2. This is what I tell to my husband. He's the one who likes to document everything, videos and photos. When we're on vacation, we spend some chunk of minutes taking photos and videos. I get impatient sometimes, and I ask him to just enjoy the moment. But he always tells me that he wants to show it to our daughter when he grows up.

  3. True! worthy because it could produce timeless and priceless pieces

  4. true! i bought a new camera just a few weeks before i gave birth. :)


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