Thursday, September 12, 2013

Look! Books that are all about Vito and Iñigo!

As a lover of books and personalized goodies, I am over the moon about these books from Look It's About Me!

I ordered the books from their super easy-to-use website. There's a selection of books you can browse through. I liked the space race story and the birthday book best. Just a week later, the books arrived! And in personalized wrapper, too!

Yep, that's just the wrapper!

The books themselves are hardbound and in large format featuring full color, glossy pages. The illustrations are fun and dynamic. The stories are easy to read. Of course, what we liked best is the personalization. It truly reads like my sons are the heroes of their own stories.

Here is Vito opening his book:
Large enough for small hands
Special dedication page
Look at all the personalized details!
Here's Iñigo's book:

These special books are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, christenings, graduation, and even on ordinary days when you just want to make your child feel like a hero. In my book, since my boys saved me from a life of utter selfishness, they are my heroes.

Anyway, I highly recommend Look It's About Me books. The quality of the books are good, the stories and the illustrations are simple but fun, the service is fast and friendly. The books, being personalized, are not inexpensive but that's what you get for personalized service! But I have good news: There's a really cool discount from now till September 30. Order a book and you get 15% discount! Do your Christmas shopping early! For more details, visit this special promo page now!


  1. This made me so happy! Thanks for featuring this, you just solved (most of) the Christmas problems of an "uncool" ninang/auntie who only gives books. "Uncool" pa rin, pero at least may A for effort.

  2. Wow! This will make a wonderful gift for christmas!


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