Sunday, September 29, 2013

Super duper important reminders from Sangobion!

This post is brought to you by Sangobion.

Before the month ends, let me finish telling you about my other event a few weeks ago. After my Pampers talk, I rushed to Makati Shangri-la for the Sangobion lunch. Busy busy glam na mommy! No, no, only that day. The rest of the week, I was in t-shirts and shorts, no makeup and with unbrushed hair in a bun. You know, I do love my housewife life but it's also nice to have a few days to take out the blowdryer and the makeup bag from storage and actually use them!

That's Dr. Corazon Zaida N. Gamilla. She's the chair of the OB-GYN Department of UST. She's really used to giving talks because she had us in the palm of her hand. Yes, all of the media, bloggers, mommies, we were all paying attention to her and asking soooo many questions that our host, Amanda Griffin Jacob, had to stop us or else we'd be there all day! That was how good Dr. Gamilla's presentation was.

She wanted us to tell you, mommies, these things:

1. Moms are busy. We hardly ever have time to sleep or eat. So we blame our exhaustion and forgetfulness on that. Dr. Gamilla says, "When signs of fatigue, paleness, as well as lack of focus and energy start to show, [those] could be telling signs of iron deficiency."

2. Iron deficiency or anemia must be taken seriously. Aside from the fact that we tire easily and lack focus (very dangerous especially for moms with young kids!), our health is compromised. We get headaches, we're pale, we get dizzy, we're super tired. All of these are not good for mommies because we have little lives depending on us to be alert and healthy! If you're pregnant and running low on iron, you run the risk of having small babies or premature babies, compromising their survival rate.

3. A woman usually suffers from anemia because of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. The first three states means loss of or production of lotsa blood. The last one is we need to pump up our iron supply because our babies get their iron from our breast milk.

4. Eat iron-rich food. Dr. Gamilla says that iron is plentiful in red meat, egg yolks, beans, and green, leafy veggies. Breakfast cereal is also iron-enriched. If your diet is not satisfactory health-wise, take an iron supplement like Sangobion.

It was a really fascinating lunch! After our lecture, syempre, what else do we do? Take pictures!
The Sangobion Brand Believers with Merck executives. From left, Amanda Griffin Jacob, Cheska Garcia Kramer,
Jenni Epperson, Joy Cabrera, Dr. Gamilla, Fidji Miranda, me, Art Dapasen; from left top row, Tin Dychiao,
Rowena Lei and Jackie Go
With kwela mommy blogger Denise of Bebengisms.
With Cheska and her friend Cher. 
Because one of Sangobion's effects is pink cheeks and red lips (all that healthy blood!), beauty blogger
Lee Shen Gee (in beige blazer) was also at the lunch. Here she is posing with us Sangobion mommies.
I do really recommend Sangobion for health and beauty. But did you know that men need iron, too? More than women do, in fact! So get your hubby to take Sangobion, too. It can be your little morning ritual!

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  1. Oh OK. Moment of silence. Yung totoo, legs ko ba yan? Haha! Thank you for including me in your post, my dear Frances. ♥

    I hope to be with you in an event again! It's so fun to be seated beside you. Ang daldal natin! Haha! :)


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