Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to take care of my sick baby daddy

This post is brought to you by Vicks Vaporub.


Thanks so much, Vicks, for sending me this first aid kit for sick daddies!

I'm part of Vicks's new campaign about caring for our husbands when they're sick and they sent me a care package just in time because my husband really did get sick and needed extra TLC. So the Vicks Manchild Care Kit was extra appreciated!
Inside was a box of tissues for wiping away snot, a can of chicken noodle soup to warm up achy tummies, a towel for sponge baths, petroleum jelly to moisturize sensitive noses, green tea and Vicks VapoCool menthol candy to soothe sore throats, Vicks inhaler to unclog stuffy noses, and Vicks VapoRub to rub on congested chests and aching muscles.

As I mentioned here a few posts ago, these past two weeks, our home transformed to sick bay. First, Iñigo got sick. Two days later, Vito caught the bug. Four days later, Vince and I got the virus. Vince and Vito were hit hard the most. They were miserable and feverish, sneezing and coughing constantly. Vince fired up the steamer to humidify the air. We quickly used up the Vicks VapoRub on chests, backs, and melted in bowls of hot water to freshen up the air and help decongest everyone.

I couldn't really take care of Vince because I had to care for the babies. Thank goodness he's not the typical guy (hehe) who morphs into a big whiny baby when he's sick! All Vince wants when he's sick is peace and quiet, lots of sleep, and lots of liquids. Usually, when a Manchild manifests, these are the ways to care for him:
Thankfully, my extra TLC (and a lot of help from Vicks VapoRub!), my family is now all feeling much better!

Like the Facebook page of Vicks Philippines to learn more about taking care of your Manchild!

Do you want your own Vicks Manchild Care Kit? Just leave a comment telling me how you take care of your husband when he's sick. I'll pick a winner on Wednesday, Oct 30! I'll ship the prize for free anywhere in the Philippines. Can't wait to read what you do to your hubbies!

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  1. My husband isn't a manchild, too when he has flu. He becomes an old grumpy man! Haha! It is when he has diarrhea that he needs me more. I wonder why. Do I resemble a toilet? :D

    Seriously, apart from telling him to take meds right away, I don't bug him as much as I always do. Like your baby daddy, my solja boy wants peace and quiet when he's sick. And whenever we're together, which is like one month in total per year, laughter heals him faster. I crack a joke and there, he'll be feeling so much better. Of course, tumulo ang sipon kakatawa. LOL. :D

  2. My husband turns into a manchild when he's sick! Ahahaha!

  3. I don't know why husbands are like "going to die" whenever they catch cold, flu or just having a fever. (Or it is just my husband?) Hehehe. Wives can still do several tasks while being sick, and husbands just don't (Sorry guys.). :P That is why it pains me to see him sick because he's rarely getting sick. Minsan lang sya magkasakit, pero matindi. :(

    Whenever he's sick. I make sure that he's comfortable. I make him have a warm bath to loosen up his stuffy nose. I put up a humidifier inside the room where he's resting. I also give him Vicks on his back and chest and having him wear PJs. I also put vicks on his ankles, then wrap it up with thick socks. Turo ng mother in law ko yun, and it's really effective. :) I check his temperature all the time, to check the progression of his medication and I make sure to give him more liquids. I also offer him tea, and hot soup to loosen up his lung passages and make him feel comfortable. And of course, I never forget to give him a soothing touch, warm hug and kiss. Nothing can beat that loving gesture! :)

    Giving him medicines orally (the drug ones) are my last option because I am afraid of its side effects and I want to treat his sickness naturally. Thanks Vicks for giving an instant and quick comfort for most common ailments. Kaya 'di nawawalan ng vicks sa bahay. Kasama na sya sa aming first aid kit. Hehehe :)

  4. The first priority in treating a sick husband is to provide him comfort. First off, I make sure that my husband is wearing comfortable clothes. I cook nourishing foods for him and fix him a soothing hot drink. I also make sure that he gets to eat a lot of fruits and that he takes his medicine on time. I believe in the healing power of TOUCH. I hug him, massage him, sit close to him and see to it that I spend most of my time beside him.

  5. Oh definitely! I want this for our first aid kit at home. My daughter knows about vicks already. When she feels itchy at the back, she looks for it and rant....vicks! vicks! vicks! Oh as for the hubby, she really wants me to take care of him like a baby. He easily gets colds because of viral allergies. What he wants me to do is just to sleep beside him and embrace him until he falls asleep. Yun lang ang gusto nyang lambing when he's not feeling well. Of course, I help him remind and give him his medicines round-the-clock.

    Donna Rose Juezan

  6. Whenever Babe is sick, I usually prepare his favorite chicken noodle soup, and fruit juices to boost his immune system. Sometimes, when he is too sick to move, a spongebath is an automatic ritual. Of course, the usual medication is in place, and like you, I rub his chest and back area with Vicks (this brand was what I grew up with) so that he can breath better. The baby is off limits, to give him his space to recuperate and to avoid passing on the virus.

  7. Hi Frances :-)

    I really love reading your blog. I'm a 1st time mom of 8 years waiting to have a baby. I'm so inspired by your blog. It's my daily routine to search for mommy topaz and read it everyday.

    Btw, for my sick dada... I always use vicks vapo rub. Put a small amount on his chest, do a quick massage and both feet tapus lagyan ng socks.. This soothing experience will made him sleep all night.

    Ginagawa ko rin ito ni little Jp. He can sleep tight if i put vicks vapo rub on his feet and have his socks during night time. Hiyang silang mag-ama . Magaling mag-alaga ang Vicks Vapo Rub sa aming buong pamilya

  8. The last time my hubby got really sick, he turned into a manchild but not the whiny kind. He refused to have sponge baths despite his high fever. I also had difficulty feeding him. I had to be firm and tell him that he must get well soon so I wouldn't catch the virus, too. I was then pregnant with our first child. That made him cooperate :) He gradually ate whatever I served him. Took the meds that I gave him. He also finally gave in to sponge baths.

    1. I chose a random number and you WON! Congratulations! Sent you an email. Please check and reply! Cute blog, by the way =)

    2. Thank you, Frances :) I haven't received your email. I've been checking it everyday and your blog hoping to read a new post about the Vicks winners.

      I just saw this comment today when I thought of reading your original post about about Vicks. Could you shoot me another email at

      Thanks a lot :) God bless!


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