Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm proud to be part of NIVEA BABY's mission to help moms and babies at Fabella!

This post is brought to you by NIVEA Baby.

I just found out a truly beautiful thing: NIVEA BABY is renovating the maternity wing of the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital.

Fabella is a mother-and-baby hospital in Sta. Cruz, Manila, famous for being a "baby factory." That's because of the high rate of babies born there every single day. I read on Wikipedia that 20% of Metro Manila's babies are born in Fabella. I don't know if that's true but just one look at this photo and I can believe that:

The volume of moms and babies is so high that they are forced to share beds. This is just one of the many challenges the hospital and its patients face. Space, ventilation, hygiene, storage... the list goes on and on! What grabs my heart most is the fact that their neonatal intensive care unit is so needed and yet so severely needing help itself! Dr. Melissa Juico, Chairman of the Department of Newborn Medicine, says, “Fabella caters to premature and high-risk babies. Most of the families you see here are those who cannot afford quality hospitalization.” 
The entry hallway
The maternity ward where up to three mommies with their babies share one bed.
The breastfeeding station.
Up to three babies share one bassinet in the NICU.
These photos make me cry. I gave birth to my sons Vito and Iñigo in the best hospital money can buy because I believed that giving birth was a sacred, beautiful, and powerful thing. Vince and I saved and saved for months and months so we can have that experience. I wish every mother and baby can feel what we felt—security, safety, comfort, peace of mind, good food, good care. The experience need not be luxurious. I've thought about giving birth at home actually because I seem to pop out babies so easily. So it's not luxury that I wish these moms experience. Giving birth just needs to be, oh I don't know... It just needs to be special.

New moms and their cute sweethearts
Looking at those mommies, I can feel that they want it to be special but their circumstances don't allow them such privilege. Hopefully, with NIVEA BABY's mission to renovate the welcome area, intermediate area, breastfeeding station, maternity wards, and neonatal intensive care unit, the moms and babies at Fabella will have better, happier, and brighter experiences.

Imagine how I felt when NIVEA BABY asked me and a few other mommies to help them give these mothers and babies at Fabella that happier and brighter experience! This project, called "Caring Beyond Skincare," is now underway and I'm going to be helping NIVEA BABY spread awareness about it because they're going to need your help, too.

Jon Lee, Assistant Brand Manager for NIVEA BABY, shared that this is a first for NIVEA BABY because the brand wants to reach out and help give the mildest protection for babies beyond caring for skin. Dr. Juico’s team is also very optimistic about the project, and they’re very happy to have been chosen by NIVEA BABY.

I'll be visiting Fabella soon to see for myself the progress of the renovation. To be honest with you, I told the NIVEA BABY group that I'm afraid of my emotions. If the photos alone made me cry, I don't know what I'd do when I actually see the new moms and newborns in such conditions. All the more reason I want to be part of this, even if it hurts my heart! I hope you can join me and NIVEA BABY, too, in making the moms and babies of Fabella have a happier and brighter experience. I'll keep you updated, mommies!

Join the #CaringBeyondSkincare Movement of NIVEA BABY on their Facebook page.

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  1. OMG! It really is heartbreaking. 2 babies in one bassinet? Grabe lang talaga. Great project by Nivea!!

  2. What a beautiful mission by NIVEA! You are blessed, Frances! I'm sure your writing will be used by God to bring more awareness to this cause. Be blessed! And God bless NIVEA BABY, too!

  3. Wow, this is such a noble cause. Kudos to Nivea and congratulations, Frances.

  4. Sobrang nakakaawa yung 2 baby sa bassinet.. :( So ano ang mangyayare? Kapag bumili ng NIVEA Baby products may percent na mapupunta sa Fabella? Ang sweet ng project nila and nakaka touch!

    Alam mo Ms. Frances, ang joke daw (pero hindi joke kasi totoo talaga mangyayare) sa mga nursing students eh kapag may na-miss silang shift/duty, mag whole day shift lang daw sila sa Fabella eh mapupuno na nila ang mga kulang nilang shift dahil sa dami ng patient!

  5. Aawww... :(( sumakit dibdib ko nung nakita ko yung babies in one bassinet.. Like you, super tipid kami ni hubby para lang ma secure namin yung paglalagyan ni baby pag labas nya, especially first baby namin.. Kudos to NIVEA!

  6. This is really a good cause! I'm a mom and I know how it feels to get the most comfortable environment for my baby! More power Nivea! May God bless your project for Fabella

  7. I haven't been to Fabella but a friend gave birth there. According to them, since the area is too crowded, even companions are bawal sa loob. they have to stay out. i felt bad because, you're right, Frances, giving birth is special e so you want someone to share that experience, probably the baby-daddy.

    Neo uses Nivea Baby and I'm glad he is because this project shows Nivea has a big heart :)

  8. How can we help this cause? :)

  9. Haha I commented it didnt get in.methinks.

    I just want to say that I love how Nivea is helping Fabella. They need a lot of help and no one is giving them that until now. Mums will benefit from this! Great post, Great cause!

  10. Such a great cause and powerful photos. I#ll be back to read how you get on x

  11. Hi Mommy Frances, I am very excited to see the progress of the renovation. It was so nice to meet you :) .

  12. Reading and looking at those photos brought tears to my eyes, I wish there's something we could do to help. I wish there could be a way, parang a program where we could chip in or donate kahit mga old baby stuff para sa kanila. :'(


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