Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm a Vicks VapoRub Mommy!

This post is brought to you by Vicks Vaporub.

Always do something new every day. That's a pretty tall order, especially if you're a mom who's trying to maintain a predictable schedule for kids. My life now is pretty ordinary—stay home all day to take care of the kids and the house then stay up at night to meet work deadlines. Nothing really special, except that last week, Vicks VapoRub asked me to co-host the launch of their new ManChild campaign!

I have never hosted anything in my life! I seriously tried to back out! But it's part of my duties now that I'm a Vicks VapoRub Mommy. Yey, mommies! I have a new blog partner! And we're going to talk about taking care of our hubbies when they're sick.

Here are some photos from the event:
That's RJ Ledesma and his wife, Vanessa, and his unico hijo, R3. RJ and I are the new brand ambassadors of the ManChild campaign. Vanessa was game enough to join us in a morning of embarrassing RJ haha.

Full house! I was freaked out! I even tripped on the stairs of the stage. That was how nervous I was.

Getting last-minute instructions. I sat with RJ's family and manager.

The show started with RJ talking about how men are the pillars of the home. They work hard to provide for and to protect their family. He said that that's why they must be strong all the time and that nothing, not even a little cold, can bring them down. That's when I laugh myself to death and introduce the idea of the "ManChild."

The ManChild phenomenon is when men get sick, they suddenly become babies! Does this happen to your hubbies, mommies? It happens to my Vince. He's not so annoying since he'd rather sleep off his sickness so I'm grateful I don't have to attend to him every minute, but he does want extra TLC. So I make sure to give him hot tea, cool sponge baths, massages, hot soup, and lots of quiet time so he can rest and sleep.

The reason my face looks like that is because RJ protested that he is still Superman when he gets sick.

So I call in his wife, Vanessa, to tell us the real deal about RJ when he's sick. She regales us with stories about how she finds RJ adorable when he needs babying. She assured him that when he's sick, it's okay to ask for help. She says that caring for him when he's sick is her way of thanking him for working so hard. Assured, RJ says he's happy to admit that he does need his wife's caring hands when he's feeling under the weather.

Now that we got that settled, we did a game! What we did was ask what TLC wives give their hubbies when they get sick. Here is one of the mommy bloggers who won a gift pack from Vicks:
Mommy bloggers are so much fun! They're always so game to join games! I'm a mommy blogger, too, and if I hadn't been a host, I'd join this game!

Success! The program went off without a hitch! This is us with P&G Country Brand Manager Arthur Peña (beside me) and P&G Country Communications Leader Clint Navales.

This time with Jane Villa (in red glasses) and Rea Agbon of Campaigns Public Relations. Thanks so much for getting me for this project!

And that's the event! I'll talk more about the campaign in my next post. It's super timely because my entire family is sick! We really did use Vicks VapoRub!

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