Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This is happiness

Most days today are perfect. Thank You, God! Vince and I are constantly saying, "This is happiness!" Thank You, Lord! We are so incredibly happy so that even when we all caught a nasty bug that brought us all down for two weeks, we just can't help but feel grateful and happy! Thank You, God!

Before we got sick, my family and I had a simple little date at Greenbelt. It's nothing special and yet it's everything special. From how my boys' eyes widened with wonder at watching the fish to all of us eating our regular dishes at our favorite restaurant, it was all so ordinary and it was all so wondrous.

It was our family's first time at the fish ponds. 
They loved all the gorgeous reds and golds!
What fascinated us! The fish are so big!
My one true love! (Hmm. Parang ang liit ni Iñigo dito!) 
The boys running up and down the stairs of the atrium is always a source of great fun.
My baby daddy and my baby saying hi to me!
Starting our meal with dessert. As usual!
Iñigo throwing everything down to the floor while Mama tries to ignore hehe
Vito's favorite thing to do in Cibo.
Iñigo's favorite thing to do in Cibo.
This is happiness!

My marriage and my kids. They're all I need! Thank You, God, for the blessing!

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  1. Iñigo's favorite thing to do in Cibo. -- Munch on a crayon? Haha! He's so adorable! Gigil talaga!

  2. Good health for my family and close family ties are God's greatest blessings for me! :)

  3. I'm relieved that you finally blogged again after a few days of not writing. I kinda missed reading your work. :) I know there are so many "nega" people around. Don't let them get to you. You sharing your stories to moms like me helps a lot. Though there are many annoying and negative people around, there are still more of us who would want to read your stories.

    I must admit, I have been a fan of you since your days at OK! Magazine. Hihi! You and your work has been an inspiration to me. I have learned that you don't have to be a super celeb artista mommy to be glam. For that, I thank you.

    Have a good day, Frances! :)

    1. Yes! I wasn't planning to blog a personal post but because of the overwhelming encouragement from all of you last night on the FB page, I was inspired! Thank you! =D

  4. Indeed.. just stay happy Mommy Frances =)

  5. Glad to know that all of you are doing okay already. Hirap talaga pag may sakit ang buong family. Glad to know that you finally blogged about your "life".... hahaha! The simplest things in life are the most SPECIAL...

    1. Sigh! It's so funny, no, that when we were younger and our parents told us that they're happy that we're all together, eating together, healthy... and we rolled our eyes and thought our parents were so uncool? Haha! But it's true, it's true. This is happiness!

    2. Vito and Iñigo are so adorable!

      basta sama sama, kahit simpleng bonding lang, sobrang saya at memorable. Thank you for sharing stories like this.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful family. And such cute babies!! God bless you and your family, Frances! :)


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