Sunday, October 13, 2013

What I've been doing when I disappeared

Oh wow! I haven't blogged here in 9 days! I didn't actually notice until Bryan Lim of Bench said I haven't been blogging. Woah. Bench is keeping tabs on my blogs! Well, I've been really preoccupied, mommies! Let me make kwento:

1. Vince ran his first race! What an ungodly hour! But we all woke up (yes, the little boys came along!), dragged ourselves to SM MOA and cheered him on! We're so proud of you, Vince!

2. I'm a Vicks VapoRub Mommy! It's my latest project. It's so fun and stressful haha because I had to host the event last Thursday and I was a nervous wreck days before the event. I'll tell you more about this new blessing soon. Just waiting for the official photos from Vicks!

3. The kids are sick. Sigh. So I was distracted and worried at the Vicks event, rushed home to be with Iñigo, brought him to the pediatrician, babied him through the night only to wake up to Vito also sick! Poor babies! But they're better now. Still a bit feverish but makulit na. Pedia said there's a nasty viral respiratory infection going around so, mommies, protect your kids! Make them wash hands often, don't allow kissing from relatives and friends, and load them up with vitamins!

4. I've been attending to family affairs. And by family, I mean my Amper family. I met with cousins and then my father and siblings to discuss money issues or, more correctly, the lack of it. So stressful!

5. I've been busy in the kitchen! Well, I actually cook regularly, maybe thrice a week or so, then just reheat the leftovers. But these are the dishes my husband and sons loved! Yum!

As you can probably tell by now, I've been microblogging on Instagram instead. So please do follow me on Instagram (@francesasales) for instant updates!

I'm also updating my lifestyle blog, Topaz Horizon. I have a ton of backlog posts actually, both here and there. Lots of mommy finds for here and lots of fashion and beauty finds for there. I will really really need to sit down and start writing! As soon as the kids are better, I will!

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This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!