Saturday, November 9, 2013

One month sick!

This post is brought to you by Vicks Vaporub.

Today, November 9, officially marks the day when I became the brand ambassador of Vicks with a fun media launch at Makati Shangri-la. Well, it was fun except that I was a bit distracted because my little boy Iñigo was home sick while I was at work. That's why I won't forget the exact day when our family became sick because it was the day of the Vicks launch!

First it was Iñigo who went down with a bad cold and fever (Oct 9), then Vito two days later (Oct 11), then Vince and me the week after (Oct 15). Then around Oct 23, our health improved a few days before we went to Hong Kong Disneyland! But as soon as we landed here in Manila (Oct 28), we got sick again! And now, we've been sick for 10 days! It's just a nasty cold, don't worry. We're not dying (nervous laughter) but this sure is a bummer.

Sigh! I'd do anything to get better! But a virus is a virus. There's nothing to do but let it run its agonizing course. But I did find this interesting:

On my last post about Vicks where I talked about taking care of our hubbies when they're sick (a.k.a. Manchild!), not a few readers shared with me that one of their foolproof ways of taking care of their sick hubbies is by massaging Vicks on the soles of their feet then slipping on socks. They said that the next day, their hubbies always feel better!

Who else does this??? How did you learn about this Vicks-on-feet method? Because if this works for a lot of you, I'm going to do it on all of us!

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  1. I do a few drops of oregano oil mixed with a carrier oil (calendula, coconut, olive, etc) on the bottoms of the feet, then cover with socks. And we drink a "cocktail" of raw honey, juice from non-treated lemon, (or kalamansi, if you can't find organic lemons) and elderberry concentrate as an immune booster. I've already fought off colds and cough twice the past couple of months!

  2. hi Ms. Frances,

    Yup the vicks-on-feet method works for us. I also remember watching an episode in discovery channel showing a loose research conducted where they experimented with people putting their feet in water for a few minutes and a number of them catches the cold or sneezes a few days after.. I also saw this write-up in the web -

    I'm a fan of your blog by the way :)

  3. Ha ha... I did that too. I got it from my mom. :D But yeah, we always have Vicks in the house. Whenever anyone of us gets the cold/cough, we'd massage heated Vicks from a candle on the body back and front area. Got it from my elders, too. ;)

  4. Me naman I shower with very warm (read: not scalding hot but not near-lukewarm warm) water then spread Vicks all over my chest, neck, back and forehead. I almost always finish a tub of Vicks everytime I get the worst cold bug, and it's very soothing and effective!


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!