Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Smile! Your wishes just may come true!

This post is brought to you by LOTTE Xylitol.

I've been told my best feature is my smile. My husband thinks it's my legs. I think it's my nose haha but I do believe a smile is the best beautifier and fashion accessory. A face instantly brightens, an outfit transcends trends, a room is lit up, a friendship is struck, doubts are banished, hope is restored, courage renewed. That's the power of a smile!

Lotte Xylitol, which I am so proud to be an ambassador of, believes in the power of a smile of course! As the best dental gum in my opinion, Lotte Xylitol cares for strong teeth, fresh breath, and a clean and healthy mouth. They also care for mommies and daddies and our kids. They also care about making our wishes come true!

This Christmas, Lotte Xylitol is granting wishes because they want us to smile. You know, just typing that makes me smile! This year has been such an amazing year of my dreams coming true and my wishes granted—I've been smiling all year long!

Now Lotte Xylitol will make your children's dreams come true with their Wish Upon a Smile campaign! All you have to do is...

1. Be a parent of a 5-10 year old child.
2. Live in the Philippines.
3. Like the Lotte Xylitol Facebook page.
4. Submit a photo of you and your child with your best smiles.
5. Answer the question: "What would make your child smile this Christmas?" and add the hashtag #XylitolSmile.

Here are my examples:

"A whole set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures
will put a huge smile on Vito's face this Christmas! #XylitolSmile"
"My son Iñigo will definitely smile this Christmas if he gets
a big electric Lightning McQueen car! #XylitolSmile"

Okay, those are actually not good examples because my kids aren't giving their best smiles in the photos (but I am! haha). It's hard to make babies pose, you know! I guess that's why the contest is open only to parents with kids aged 5-10!

So do join Lotte Xylitol's Wish Upon a Smile campaign. Go to the Lotte Xylitol Facebook page now! Good luck!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Both of you are looking cute together.

  2. Awwww, sayang! My daughter is just 4 1/2 years old. :( I so wanna join pa naman. Ah well. Hehe!

  3. Very adorable babies! That's true, it's really hard to make or force babies to pose and smile. Hehe! I am all for smiling! :))

  4. You have a lovely smile nga. Really! :)
    And I envy nga your legs!!!

  5. your kids are beautiful! And you're smile really IS pretty :)
    I wish I could enter my son as he lovessss to flash his really cheesy grins on camera but we aren't based in the Philippines. anyways, ganda ng blog mo sis ni-link na kita sa blog ko kasi I'm sure to come back. hope we can be friends! God bless!!

    xoxo, Laine


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