Monday, November 4, 2013

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Halloo everyone!

I know I've been gone forever. I have had the most wonderful week—we went to Hong Kong Disneyland and then we vegged out at home for days and days after because we were (and still are) so tired.
Disneyland was decorated for Halloween so we kinda look like we visited the dead!

How was your two long weekends???

Okay, I have to do sponsored posts this week for SMART, Xylitol, NIVEA Baby and Green Cross. I'm so thrilled I have new blog sponsors! I can continue being a stay-at-home mommy for a while longer! But that means I won't be able to post about our Disneyland trip till next week.

But!!! I just created a Topaz Mommy newsletter. It's the coolest news because a newsletter means you can get...

1. a peek at upcoming posts. Sometimes I have a lot of posts ready for publishing but since sponsored posts are scheduled, I wait a while. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can see upcoming posts before other readers do! So my first newsletter has photos of the Disneyland adventure. If you want to see, subscribe!

2. to see extra photos that I don't post on the blog. Lots of photos mean the page is harder to download. So I try to keep the photos at just 10 per post. Sometimes I go beyond that because I have so many nice pictures! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can finally see the tons of photos I don't get to publish on the blog!

3. to join giveaways since I'm planning to stop doing giveaways on the blog and just do it for my subscribers. I don't like doing giveaways on my blog because giveaways attract "professional contest joiners." You know, they're just on the hunt for prizes and freebies. So annoying! Why? Because I've had some really great prizes and the winners are not my regular readers! I think my regular readers should be the one winning my special prizes! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll be part of the select few who are automatically joined in my giveaways!

There's a lot more I'm planning for my newsletter subscribers. Discounts and freebies from my sponsors. Links to blogs, articles and news that I'm reading that week. OOTDs, more photos of my kids, etc etc! It's so exciting!

How do you subscribe?

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I send newsletters every Wednesday! So if you signed up after Nov 6, you'll get the second newsletter next week and no, it won't be about Disneyland anymore!

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  1. Done! <3 I can't wait to see the photos!

    1. Great! Please tell me if you do get the newsletter in your inbox. I'm still fixing the kinks! =)

    2. Nakita ko na po! Ang cute cute ni Vito habang nag babasa ng map and si Inigo na naka upo sa car. :)) Hala.. Alam na nila ang 2 sa photo na makikita nila kasi sinabi ko na. haha!

  2. Wee! I will definitely subscribe. ♥
    Congrats on your blog collabs with new sponsors! Anyway, I love reason #3. ;)

  3. There are professional joiners pala na tinatawag? :D subscribed!

  4. Ugh! I know about those professional contest joiners. I get them in my blog giveaways too. Great idea to just do giveaways through your newsletter. I'm definitely signing up, not because of the giveaways but because I don't wanna miss out on seeing your photos. Haha! Your boys are so cute. :)

    1. Ditto! Nakakainis and nakakahiya at the same time, you keep on announcing the winner hindi naman nagrereply! :D

  5. Signed up Mommy .. I would love to see pics of your cutie kiddos.. ^^

  6. I received the newsletter on my gmail inbox. I already confirmed my subscription! I would love to see the "exclusives" :)

  7. Done! :) Looking forward to more photos from your trip!

  8. Done already.... can't wait for that EXCLUSIVE letter.... glad to know that you and your family had a great time in HongKong Disneyland

  9. done! excited getting exclusive contents delivered directly to my inbox. :)

  10. Now a subscriber. I still owe you an email (salad recipe) and you still owe me an invoice. Haha! Don't worry, everything can wait. Just enjoy your kids, Vince and your WAHMying. :)

  11. Been a silent follower of your blogs for 3 years now, and have also been following you on Twitter, Facebook, and finally Instagram. Will definitely subscribe on your newsletter!


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