Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The stylish mommy's equivalent of candy this Christmas!

This post is brought to you by SMART Communications.

iPhones of course!!! I love my iPhone5. It's really helped me as a mommy blogger! I can check my email everywhere, take instant photos and videos of my kids if my Panasonic camera's out of reach, and share these adorableness on all my social media platforms.
I got that image from imore.com. They did a comprehensive comparison of the iPhone 5s amd iPhone 5c so you can decide for yourself which sweetie to buy. Click here to read more: "Which iPhone model should you get?"

Once you've decided, make sure you get your iPhone from SMART!!!

Here are the SMART plans:

My SMART family recommends the P1499 monthly plan for the iPhone 5c and the P1799 monthly plan for the iPhone 5s. That's all in, no cash out! That comes with unlimited data and all-net call and texts. 

The new iPhones will be available exactly 10 days from now. That's Nov. 15. Have fun picking up your new candy!

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1 comment:

  1. Tsk. Iniisip ko tuloy kung mag apply ako ng plan. (T_T) Ms. Frances kasi eh.. :P


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