Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Topaz Mommy and other mom bloggers talk about Fabella Hospital

This post is brought to you by NIVEA Baby. 

Yesterday, I told you about what I saw at Fabella Hospital. Today, I'll share with you NIVEA Baby's purpose for renovating the hospital: to give moms and babies a brighter experience.

Isn't this such a great cause? I'm so proud to be part of this campaign!

To know more about #CaringBeyondSkincare, please like the Facebook page of NIVEA Baby Philippines. I did! It's got a lot of useful tips for moms like us who care so much for our babies!

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  1. Your voice is so cute! :D Kinabahan ka ba nyan?

    1. Hindi. Sanay na ako to talk on camera because of my former job. Naiiyak ako dito kaya ganyan boses ko =)

  2. I love this video. What caught me is the difference between the numbers of mothers and babies. It's 23 percent neonatal death rate. It is sad. I am glad that Nivea is taking action. Thank you for your part and for giving light of the situation in Fabella.

    1. Yes. The NICU says their infection rate is so high because the babies are exposed to each other. They should be a meter apart but there's no space and not enough beds =(

  3. Finally! I heard your voice... It is soooo cute. hehehe! I am so glad that Nivea (the brand that I used for my youngest when she was a baby) had this kind of project for the mommies and babies at Fabella Hospital.

  4. Your voice is one of the BEST things about YOU: Your actual voice (because it's cute), and your voice as a mother. You are using your blog as a platform for your voice and doing it very authentically and honestly. I love that about you! :)

    Bravo to NIVEA for this campaign. Fabella should be close to the hearts of moms all around, and it's good that you're an active part of making that known. :)


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!