Thursday, November 28, 2013

Family fun at Hong Kong Disneyland 2013!

Exactly one month ago, our little family went on our first ever trip to Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

Thanks so much to Mom and Dad, the whole Sales family (Mom, Dad, their four children and spouses, and all eight grandchildren!) flew to Hong Kong, checked in at Disney's Hollywood Hotel, and just spent the next three days being happy!

Now, we have like a billion photos but I'm grabbing the ones that Vince posted on Facebook. So if you're friends with Vince, you've seen these. If you aren't friends with him, don't request him to add you haha. Also, I'm only posting photos of my boys since they aren't in school yet. Vito and Iñigo had such a great time with their cousins so too bad because they have such fun pics together! But I now have a policy of not posting photos of school-age kids on my blog (unless the kids have moms who are bloggers posting their kids' photos publicly).

Okay, here we go!
Here we are in the Cathay Pacific plane to Hong Kong. It's Iñigo's first ever flight, and first ever trip abroad! Vito's been on planes before (Cebu, Singapore, Bali before he was a year old) but I think he doesn't remember those trips, so this plane ride was exciting for him, too.

Here we are at Hollywood & Dine at our hotel. The diner was our first stop because we arrived at Hong Kong at around lunch time. Vito was sooo excited! Okay, I'm going to use "excited" a lot in this post!

The kid can't read yet but he perused that map like a pro anyway. He is sooo cute!

After lunch, our rooms still weren't ready so we roamed the huge gardens behind the hotel. There was a pool, a playground, lots of little hills that Vito loved to explore, and these cars that Iñigo posed on. He's sooo cute!

(Check out this video of my boys waiting at Hollywood Hotel's lobby!)

Okay! Rooms are ready! On our way up, Vito saw Mickey Mouse. He was sooo starstruck! He actually held his fist in his mouth to keep himself from shouting for joy! He also met Goofy. Okay, Mickey being the STAR, you'd need a ticket to get your photo with him. Goofy, being, well, Goofy, he just hangs out in some sunny corner and you can just sidle up to him and get your pic taken. Like so!

So we all settle in, rest a little, change into new clothes, then we all took the shuttle to Disneyland. We have really awesome photos of Vito telling Mickey Mouse to get down the fountain (here's a sample pic) because he didn't think it was safe haha. I'll dig them up later. In fact, I have no photos now of our first day at Disneyland! I'll put them in my next newsletter so I hope you subscribe now!

Anyway, we rode a lot of rides. Vito loved Autopia, both boys loved Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Iñigo loved Cinderella Carousel so much that he started shrieking when the ride was done and I had to prise his little chubby fingers from the post. Vito called Sleeping Beauty Castle, "Sofia the First Castle!" and then he promptly fell asleep in our stroller while we waited for the Halloween Parade. When it finally lumbered by, Iñigo didn't seem impressed haha. Then Vince and I went back to the hotel with the kids, while the rest of the family stayed till the fireworks show.

Good morning! Today's plan was to take the train to Toy Story Land and spend the entire day there. The boys LOVE Toy Story! We took the train, Vito saw Tinkerbell on the way and he was so starstruck, he blushed haha. Then when he saw Toy Story Land, he was just overwhelmed.

He's staring at his shadow, sorry! But he really was super excited!!! Vince and Vito rode the Slinky Dog Spin (Iñigo was asleep in his stroller), then they lined up for this monster: The Toy Soldier Parachute Drop!

It was really high! My mommy heart was both freaking out and proud! My three-year-old boy laughing with delight and dangling his feet while he went up and down that scary ride! He wasn't even scared. Such a brave boy!

We had a snack with Mom and Dad after this exhilarating ride, Iñigo woke up and wanted a toy so Lola gladly obliged him a Woody plushie. Thanks, Mom!

Then we rode Mystic Manor, which Vito did not like one bit. It wasn't really scary; I think he just didn't like the part when the cockroaches streamed out and then you get sprinkled with water. Iñigo didn't have an opinion haha.

After that, we all had lunch together. We did a bit of sightseeing then it was Vito's turn to nap in the stroller. While he napped, we shopped.  Check out my new favorite watch!

It looks like a Cartier tank watch haha. I wear it every time we go out now. It reminds me of our magical time together. Happy happy time!

About to watch "Festival of the Lion King." Great show! The kids loved it!

Then we met the rest of the family in front of Sofia the First's castle. I mean, Sleeping Beauty's castle haha. That's Iñigo's Ninang Anj, who blogs at From A, to Zo. I think they're looking at the birds or planes here.

We spent the late afternoon just resting our dead feet really. Even the boys! They're so happy and so cute. Vito looks sooo sleepy here. But when some kid tried to grab Iñigo's new Lightning McQueen toy, Vito stepped in. I love how protective he is of his brother!

Family pic! We're so happy! We're so tired!!!

But we had just enough energy for one more ride: Orbitron. There was no line, you see, so we figured we'd give it a whirl. But funny Iñigo. He nursed while we were spinning around and fell asleep! Silly baby!

So we went straight home to the hotel again while the rest of the clan went off to explore the other rides. We thought the kids would collapse in bed but noooo, they were business as usual: Disney Junior on TV, Power Rangers on iPad, toys on the bed. It was like we never left home! But fall asleep they finally did.

(If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have seen these pics and videos of our trip as they happened so follow me!)

Good morning! Today's plan was just to pack and go to the airport early and shop at Duty Free. So we had a huge buffet breakfast at Chef Mickey. Aww, I love this family photo. Look at Iñigo, still in his pyjamas haha. He is sooo cute!

At the airport. We had lunch at Pop-eye's. The boys ate so much chicken! Why do my kids eat so much???

Then Vince and I shopped. Vince doesn't like exchanging what's left of our HK dollars because lugi so he really makes it ubos. We bought candy and chocolates.

Vito whiled away an hour on the iPad then he went looking for the rest of the family.

He found Zo, the son of Anj. They really got along swimmingly on this trip!

Darling Iñigo watching TV at the Children's Lounge.

My boys. My joy. My heart.

Soon after this photo was taken, we flew home, which is, in my opinion, still the happiest place on earth!

* * * * * * *
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  1. Vito and Iñigo are way too cute!!! Lovely family, Frances! :)

  2. I've been waiting for this post...yey! finally!...I super love this post..nakaka good vibes,...super cute ng mga kiddos Vito and Iñigo.

  3. Precious photos, Frances! Your boys are so adorable! I love their photo here that you posted last. Sigh! So excited to fly. Exactly one week from today and we will be in HK! Can't wait! =)

  4. Great pictures, Frances. :) Glad you enjoyed the trip. Hope to take my kids to Disneyland too someday. :)

  5. Finally! the story of your vacation... I have been looking forward to this. Your boys are big na talaga. I am so glad to know that all of you had a grand time especially your boys....

  6. Aww! The last photo is one for the books! Love :)

  7. I love Iñigo's photo at the hood of the car! Kiddie model in the making, indeed. ♥

  8. they look so happy! i love the last picture. you are so fortunate that Vito and Inigo have each other, Frances. :)


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