Saturday, December 14, 2013

Healing our country through music and prayer

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It's almost Christmas and I'm sure us mommies are thinking about the families, the orphans, the homeless, the victims of the earthquake in October and super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in November. They are still on a long road to recovery, that's why we just have to keep on giving!

Smart Music now offers a way for us to help and all we have to do is download the song, "The Prayer." Known as the song Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli sang together, it was sung by the Loboc Children's Choir in the rubble of earthquake-devastated Loboc, Bohol, a performance that quickly went viral. 

Ramon Chuaying of the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI) says, “These children may be from Bohol, but their innocent voices represent not just their home province but also earthquake-damaged Cebu, war-stricken Zamboanga, and typhoon-devastated Leyte, Samar and Iloilo—all of whom are praying for a miracle to allow them to rebuild their lives.” 

“We asked the help of various Filipino artists, to lend their voices, to represent our country and show the world that the Philippines has one voice, one prayer—that we work together to help our countrymen rebuild their lives brick by brick,” he added.

PARI, Universal Records, DDB Philippines and Smart Music now present to you "The Prayer" by the Loboc Children's Choir and 23 Filipino music artists:

Beautiful and haunting and inspiring! Ito Rapadas of Universal Records, says, “A couple of the popular artists who agreed to sing the song inquired why, instead of using a new and original Filipino song, we used a foreign song for this project. We said the project was started and inspired by the viral video of the Loboc Children's Choir singing in an impromptu manner in front of the rubble of the old church of Loboc after the earthquake. We highlighted the children’s choir and their choice of song which is 'The Prayer,' not only because they started the idea, but because they are survivors of a natural disaster and they represent the resiliency of all survivors of both the Bohol earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda."
The list of artists who sang "The Prayer"

The song was released a few days ago by Smart Music through its SPINNR digital music store ( and all proceeds will go to the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation’s Help.PH initiative to help in the immediate relief and community rebuilding efforts in affected areas through resettlement, education and livelihood.

Mellissa Limcaoco of Smart Music says, “It’s a beautiful and inspiring version that we can all be proud of. This is probably the biggest gathering of today’s biggest music artists in a single song, and we are glad that these artists all responded to our call to help rebuild the lives of our countrymen by sharing their time and talent.”  

“Now we are encouraging everyone to please support the cause and help our fellow Filipinos rise again. By simply purchasing a copy of this song for only P10, not only are you helping spread the message of hope but you are directly contributing to the Help PH campaign of the PDRF,” she added.

Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers can purchase the song by visiting and registering their mobile phone numbers at via web, mobile browser or the Spinnr mobile app for Android Smartphones. Payment will be deducted from the prepaid load or charged to the subscriber’s postpaid bill so a credit card is not needed to support this cause.

For more information about Help PH and the many ways you can send help wherever you are in the world, visit

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  1. Very heartwarming! Prayers and faith in action are indeed needed in these trying times.


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