Thursday, December 12, 2013

Iñigo's kisses

I know some of you don't have Instagram so I'm posting these videos for you. They're of our Iñigo's kisses!

Our little toddler is such a sweetie. He's the one full of hugs and kisses. He hugs and kisses so much, Vince and I are, like, "Little dude, that's full on make out. Control yourself!" Iñigo loves kisses! He'd kiss us a hundred times. He kisses anything and everything—Papa, Mama, Vito, his cars, his toys, his high chair, the rabbit!

He tries to kiss Vito but Vito hardly ever lets him. Poor Iñigo!

Darling Iñigo! Thank you for the kisses! We are savoring every big and little smack of love!

* * * * * * *
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  1. I saw these on Instagram before :) I like that he makes the "mwah" sound! My Geoff just presses his open mouth to us. haha! Such a sweet video of brothers.

  2. Love the last video most! Vito looks so binata with nudging of the elbow pa. Haha! :)

  3. sweet Inigo :)

    Vito is all grown up na. he wont let Inigo kiss him. :(

  4. Iñigo's eyes are so expressive,He's so cute and Vito is parang binata na so handsome! Love all the videos napapanguso ako habang pinapanuod ko hahaha...more vids pa mommy Frances! =)


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