Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Skinny kid problems

My boys are blessed with the skinny genes of their parents. No matter what Vince and I eat, we never gain weight. I say it's a blessing because we enjoy our food so much and we can eat all day and never have food issues. It's the kind of thing you wish on everyone.

It's never been a problem to feed Iñigo. He eats anything. Except fruit. He doesn't like fruit. He got that from me, I think. I'm a veggie girl. Vince is the fruit guy. Other than fruit, Iñigo will gobble up anything. As you can see in these photos, he is a joy to feed!

But he's not gaining weight. He's getting taller, he's very active and energetic, he's super smart and funny, he's not moody or listless. That means he's well fed! But but but he's not gaining weight.

The pedia said it's great that Iñigo is not a picky eater. That's the problem of most parents of toddlers. We had that issue with Vito, for example. But the pedia said Iñigo needs to gain weight. She thinks my breast milk is drying up and he's not getting enough. She told me to pump milk so I can gauge just how much milk my breast produces in a feeding, but I already know in my heart that she's correct. My boobs have lost their fullness. I know there's hardly any milk in there.

So the pedia said we're to give him 6-8 oz of fresh milk every day. Give him multivitamins. Give him rich food like ice cream. Fry his veggies in butter. Feed him all the fatty food he can take!!! Then we'll see. The pedia says that if he's still 10 kgs after 3 months (he's been 10 kgs for 6 months now), we'll have to maybe switch him to a fatty formula. Good luck with that!

Iñigo can eat all day but when it comes to other milk, he's not so welcoming. He'll sip a bit of fresh milk and chocolate milk but he always wants my milk. I actually want to wean him already (I have a super valid reason but I'm keeping it a secret!) but because he loves to nurse, I just allow him. He's 19 months old now. I guess we can keep this up for 5 more months.

Except my breast milk is either not enough or not fatty enough. So maybe he is better off on other milk. Oh, the problems of being thin!

This reminds me of how our neighbors used to make fun of my parents. They said, "May laman nga utak ng mga anak nila, wala namang laman ang tiyan." All because my siblings and I were skinny kids. We never went hungry. We always had something to eat but people still thought my parents didn't feed us all because we didn't gain weight.

That made me so angry. It still makes me angry. I hope no one looks at my skinny kids and think we're not feeding them. Ha. In this country where everyone thinks fat kids are healthy? Tough luck.

Darling Iñigo, I don't want you to be a fat baby even though I'm going to feed you lots of bad food like ice cream and cake and cookies. I just need you to gain a bit of weight. I don't know how that's going to happen, given your skinny genetic makeup, but we have to make it happen! Good luck to us!

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  1. My kids are skinny kids too even if they eat too much than a regular kid. As of this time, I am not too happy because I am hearing bad comments that because of this, some people thinks that they're malnourished. Well, as long as our pedia says that they're healthy. I am good with it, ;)

  2. Hi Frances,
    I had weaning problems too... I was had to purchase different brands of fresh milk just to find the one my 2 yr old would like... (all leftovers hahah yaya drank them). Until I found the one, and then he developed milk allergies(I thought he outgrew them since when I was breastfeading I gradually added cows milk to my diet.). So I started with buying different brands of soy milk na naman HAHAHAHA. And we found the one but it's soo expensive, it's like it compensated for my 2 years of milk savings HAHAHAHA .

  3. I always wished that I had the skinny genes!
    Anyway, Inigo looks siksik naman, and given the way you feed him, and how he enjoys his food, he really looks healthy :)

  4. Iñigo is so cute..oh We have the same problem Ms. Frances I so want my daughter to gain a bit weight.She's still skinny regardless of how takaw she is...anyways..I'm so happy and excited about your secret.

  5. I think its the genes. which he is so maswerte to inherit. I think Inigo looks okay naman sa pictures (the pata legs is still there, hindi na lang sobrang siksik). But if the pedia thinks he needs to gain weight, then go eat a lot, baby Inigo!

  6. Hi Frances, I had the same problem... I breastfed for 2 1/2 years since he wouldn't drink any other milk. After that we had to switch from one milk to another just to find what suits him best. Weight gain was also a problem. I tried butter in all his foods. From the rice to most of his viand. You can feed him fatty foods at these times because their body needs it the most plus the doctor even gave us something to put in his food for him to gain weight but still it wasn't enough. You can also try grounded malunggay and mix it in his food.

    After that, we just had to let it go. If he's eating properly. If he's not the sickly kind. Then he is well and good. Up until now at 6 years old, he's still near the border of underweight. I guess because of his dads genes plus he savors his food. Even if you'll feed him a full plate, he'll finish the whole thing but maybe after 30 minutes or more. Unlike most that will gobble everything up in less than 10 minutes...

    Anyway, Good luck!!! =D

  7. My 19 month toddler has also been in a steady weight for 3 months now BUT he is a voracious eater! He actually eats nonstop and truth is I sometimes worry kasi baka ma-impacho sa kakain. He is growing tall naman. I guess because pedias have these weight standards they follow to "safely" say that a baby is growing well. But I think we all know that weight gain/loss, while important, is not really a guarantee of good health. So instead of being worried about my kid, I just chill. I see him run around in frenzy, enjoy his food and grow taller, I'm a happy momma! :)

    And I'm pregnant too (23 weeks) so I understand your reason of wanting to wean them. But I'd rather let the tot nurse (for comfort nalang kasi wala na ako milk because of the pregnancy) than be stressed with all the crying from being weaned. :D

    Praying for a safe pregnancy for you and healthy weight gain for Iñigo! :)

  8. Hi Frances, we have the same problem. My daughter likes to eat a lot and I give her any food she'll eat from fruits, veggies, to sweet and fatty food but she did not gain weight. Her pedia gave the same advice about food and giving fresh milk but after 6 weeks she did not gain any weight so we supplemented with Pediasure and after 3 months nothing happened. She's still skinny so I ditched the formula and heraclean and just give her any food she wants and until now, I get criticized by her weight especially since I am still breastfeeding. I just hear their opinions but still continue to nurse so don't worry. Our kids are just skinny but as long as they are healthy I don't think its a problem. Goodluck and have a safe pregnancy!

  9. Frances, I'm an educator here in North America and no, Iñigo is not skinny! Judging by the pictures you're posting, he's just a typical active toddler. Fat children in this part of the world, as you may already know, would mean parents are not providing them with proper nutrition better yet they cannot afford to put them in any organized activities. You're right in saying that it's in their genes. My mother thought I was putting my son on a diet when he started shedding off some pounds, but I know better now, so do you!


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